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Despite the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 isn't rearing its gigantic head in the United States until May 5, Marvel's latest release is already doing its rounds on the international market. And unsurprisingly, it's making quite the impression on those box office figures while it's at it. Here's the trailer:

Outside of America — hot on the heels of The Avengers has already been granted the second-biggest first day box office opening of any film, earning James Gunn and his space superheroes $6.6 million on the first night. And although that doesn't seem like anything special upon first glance, you have to consider that those figures currently only come from Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

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And its initial success doesn't end there. The second instalment in the Guardians series has reportedly already made double the amount the first movie made back in 2014, meaning that the film is well on its way to raking in some major dollar in the next couple of weeks.

Only time will truly tell what astronomical numbers and Marvel will rally when Vol 2. cruises into the movie markets in Germany, France, Belgium, Finland and Indonesia this weekend, following by the U.S. and China the next. Watch this space.

Do you think Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will beat the first movie's figures?

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