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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been out in the States for about a week now, and has already made well over $100,000,000 domestically. And, as one might expect from such a successful movie, Guardians has taken the Internet by storm too.

While most of the online posts about the film have something to do with the adorable Baby Groot, there have also been a great many posts dedicated to Yondu and his now-famous line: "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all." This has sparked a wide-ranging fan response, from people simply tweeting the quote to creating fan art featuring Yondu with the classic Mary Poppins umbrella and wearing a bright red dress.

The fans are not the only ones posting about Mary Poppins, however. Michael Rooker himself, who delivered the popular line as Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, has taken to the web to post about the joke. One can imagine that Rooker has been waiting to post about it for some time, considering the film shot almost a year ago and he had to keep the script a secret all this time.

Rooker posted a particularly hilarious piece of fan art, and shared his thoughts on playing world's most famous nanny:

"It seems someone is trying to get this beautifully crafted classic a redo with a different actor playing Mary... well I for one am not into fixing anything that ain't broke. But I'll tell you what, if this Mary Poppins person is cool and down with the blue then...

I'm Mary Poppins Y'all."

Sadly, even though Rooker has revealed he is open to starring in the upcoming Mary Poppins reboot, Mary Poppins Returns, which hits theaters in December of 2018, it is unlikely to actually happen. This is not because of the obvious reasons — like the fact that Michael Rooker is a dude, and that Yondu was blue — but because Mary Poppins Returns is already in production, with Emily Blunt in the titular role.

Emily Blunt in 'Mary Poppins Returns'. [Credit: Disney]
Emily Blunt in 'Mary Poppins Returns'. [Credit: Disney]

As great as I'm sure Michael Rooker would be as Mary Poppins, I am hopeful that Emily Blunt will be just as good. Should Mary Poppins Returns not be as grand as Disney plans for it to be, I am sure that Rooker would be willing to pick up the umbrella himself down the road in order to save and re-define the franchise. As Rooker said, he's not into fixing anything that ain't broke, but if something does happen to break Mary Poppins, I am sure Michael Rooker would be more than willing to step up to the plate.


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