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So far, Marvel's Phase Three has contained some of their best movies, and 2017 is set to continue this trend, running straight out the gate with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, set to release on May 5th. And like with everything , this movie has to connect to a few others. We're definitely anticipating hints for , but after director James Gunn repeatedly stated that there would be no cameos from other superheroes we weren't expecting any surprise appearances.

Yet, thanks to craftily placed images in the recent promo for Avengers: Infinity War — and some sneaky hints from James Gunn himself — we may already know what 's post credits scene is... and how it will set up .

In the Infinity War promo video, concept art of Thor fighting with Rocket Raccoon flashes up on the screen, but Thor is missing his distinctive hammer Mjolnir. This has lead many fans to draw the conclusion that Thor will somehow lose Mjolnir in Ragnarok — or that he will become unworthy.

Thor Loses The Hammer

How could such a virtuous warrior as Thor possibly become unworthy of wielding his hammer? Ever since he learned the value of humility in his very first solo movie, Thor has been the pinnacle of worthiness. It would take a something hugely catastrophic for Thor to become unworthy — causing the destruction of all of Asgard would probably do the trick, just to throw out a not-so random example.

Well, we may discover the answer to the question of why Thor has a different hammer in Infinity War much sooner than we thought...

James Gunn posted this several months ago, sending the internet into a minor frenzy. At the time, many fans chocked this up to Gunn being a classic troll, as he does delight in teasing us with minor details then debunking theories on Twitter.

However, in light of the Infinity War video — showing Thor with a brand shiny new hammer — we should probably revisit this cheeky post from Gunn, because it certainly seems like Mjolnir was present on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set during filming. If we carry that through to a logical conclusion — and if we believe Gunn when he says that no will cameo in the movie — then it certainly seems like Mjolnir will appear in a post-credits scene that sets up Thor: Ragnarok.

Post Credits Clues

This would make a lot of sense, considering that after lends Thor a hand in New York City, much of Ragnarok will be set in space, with Hulk and Thor embroiled in a spectacular gladiator showdown on a planet we've never seen before.

Thor and Hulk throw down in 'Ragnarok' concept art. [Credit: Marvel]
Thor and Hulk throw down in 'Ragnarok' concept art. [Credit: Marvel]

Because of Guardians' celestial setting, there seems to be a prime opportunity for a bit of crossover between Vol. 2 and Ragnarok. At the very least, it's not so far fetched to consider that a post credits scene may feature one of the Guardians stumbling across Mjolnir on a distant planet, trying — and maybe succeeding — to pick it up.

This would set up Ragnarok in a really exciting way, prompting viewers to wonder how Thor lost Mjolnir, whether this will be answered in Ragnarok, and how this will affect the inevitable showdown between the Avengers (and Guardians) and Thanos in Infinity War. After all, what better way to build tension for the third Avengers outing than to first divide Earth's Mightiest Heroes, then de-power the most mighty of them all?

Well, I know that's how I would do it if I ran . But as I unfortunately do not have Kevin Feige's job (or his generous paycheque), I'm just going to have to wait and see until the movies are released. Be sure to stick around after the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 credits though, because my money's on a sneaky cameo from Thor's best buddy.


Do you think Mjolnir will show up in 'Guardians Vol. 2'?

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