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In the wake of that phenomenal Super Bowl trailer, Marvel is pulling out all the stops and revealing the secrets of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Several sites have just been given the okay to publish details of set visits, and with that, we've got a wealth of new information. Surprisingly, Kevin Feige himself has just revealed just how the film begins...

WARNING: Major spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 follow past this point!

Galactic Heroes

Ditching the normal rules, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 takes place only a couple of months after the first film. But a lot has happened in those months; according to Feige, the Guardians have become something of a legend. The whole Galaxy knows that they saved Xandar from Thanos; in fact, the whole Galaxy also knows that Peter Quill was able to hold on to the Power Stone. Taking advantage of their celebrity, the Guardians have tried to set themselves up as an organized group of heroes. But with this has come more than a little swagger. As observes:

"It doesn’t take much to make Peter Quill more of an asshole. Yes, there is a pompousness... You know, the garage band that then gets a multi-platinum album and have egos to go along with that is certainly the case. Which is true for all of them frankly, not Drax as much, but all of them, particularly Quill."

For all their fame, of course, they wouldn't be the Guardians of the Galaxy if things didn't go wrong sometimes. Take the opening mission; the Guardians are at "a place called Sovereign" because they've been asked to deal with a giant, inter-dimensional beast (we've all seen it in the trailers). Feige reassures that there's nothing complicated about this creature, it's not a nod to anything from the comics; "It’s more just a fun beast for them to attack in the opening title sequence".

The Next Mission Goes Wrong

Enter Nebula! [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Enter Nebula! [Credit: Marvel Studios]

But the reward for the next mission? Nebula. The Guardians want to take her back to Xandar for trial. And here's where Feige's comments start to get a bit blurry — thankfully, otherwise we'd know the plot of the whole film! It seems likely that, during this mission, the Guardians cross paths with Ayesha, the movie's main villain. There's some way in which they offend her (perhaps Nebula is her prisoner, and they free her?). As a result, Ayesha approaches the Ravagers to take the Guardians down.

Here's where things get really interesting. While the Guardians are flourishing, Yondu's reputation has suffered due to the perception that he's gone soft on Quill. He turns down Ayesha's offer; as Feige puts it:

"We’re not gonna take down the Guardians of the Galaxy. We’d be crazy to do that. We’d endanger ourselves. We’d get the entire Nova Corps, everybody would come after us if we did that."

For Yondu's crew, that's the final straw, and he's immediately facing a mutiny. That, no doubt, is why Yondu is joining up with the Guardians of the Galaxy — he's on the run from his own men!

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I freely admit that I'm surprised Kevin Feige was willing to give away so much. That said, it's pretty clear that everything we know so far — including, in my view, almost all the footage in the trailers — is from the first act. We know that Kurt Russell's Ego will arrive, with Mantis in tow, but from that point on - the film is a mystery.

I guess we'll just have to wait and watch it!


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