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With all set to play Star-Lord opposite a tree man and a talking raccoon (this movie sounds like a stoner's dream), all Marvel has left to cast in Guardians of the Galaxy are the voices, and Drax the Destroyer.

It appeared we were progressing with the Drax part, when it looked like the Guardians had found their guy in . But, some recent Tweets from El Mayimbe of Latino Review suggest more actors are being screen tested. Take a look:

Momoa could be a good choice for the role, despite 2012's Bullet to the Head not being a big hit, because he continues to be a fan favorite. But, is he repeating 's mistake when he asked for too much to reprise his role in Iron Man 2, only to be replaced by ? Elmayimbe thinks so:

Momoa may be a rising star, but all rising stars need a big movie to send them on their way, and Guardians could be that movie. So will Marvel cave to Momoa's demands, or will he follow in the path of other actors who have gotten a bit too ego-inflated? Sound off in the comments.


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