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Jay and Silent Bob fans, myself among them, had long since given up on any new big-screen projects featuring the not-so-dynamic duo, what with doing the whole massive substance abuse thing. While Mewes has been clean and he and former-turned-current-again bff have been teaming up for podcasts and smaller projects, there wasn't much news on whether or not we'd see the cult-beloved characters back in movie theaters any time soon.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that not only have Smith and Mewes been up to things, they've been up to big things: Namely, a cartoon movie featuring Jay and Silent Bob and a coinciding U.S. tour to view and promote it. At least, that's what the official project site tells us.

In a pretty cool night for fans, Smith and Mewes will be hitting up various cities in the U.S. and airing the film, after which they'll hold a Q&A podcast session. The name alone implies they want to go big or go home: Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie!

You can check out the tour dates and buy tickets HERE. There is also something called a "VIP Ticket Bundle", which includes a photo op with the pair, a signed movie poster, a t-shirt, and a VIP ID and lanyard.

Check out the trailer:

Ladies, ladies, LADIES, Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!


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