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The wait is finally over. After years of hoping that Guillermo Del Toro would direct another Hellboy movie, there's finally some momentum towards becoming a real possibility. This news isn't hearsay or talks like we've heard in the past — Guillermo Del Toro went to Twitter himself with the news of Hellboy 3 moving closer to development.

Guillermo Del Toro Makes First Step Towards Producing 'Hellboy 3'

According to del Toro, after his interest poll for Hellboy 3 went out, the response surpassed expectations and became the reason why he's deciding to produce another Hellboy movie; made evident by his latest tweet:

In the tweet, del Toro indicates that he's already talked to Ron Perlman about the sit-down for Hellboy 3 and will proceed to talk to the comic creator next. Ron Perlman is the actor who plays the titular character, Hellboy, so his involvement should make the news of Hellboy 3 moving forward even more convincing to consider.

'Hellboy 2' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Hellboy 2' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

For now, we should rejoice as this news is the first indicator of Hellboy 3 moving closer to a greenlight for production. Until del Toro gives the official announcement of Hellboy 3, you might want to hold back on the celebrating because the reality is that any number of obstacles could come up, continually delaying the film's development altogether. So for now, let's just be hopeful.

If Hellboy 3 does greenlit for production, what do you want to see in the movie? Do you want to see one of the Hellboy comics used as the basis for the third movie, or should an entirely new story be developed for the movie? Do you want to see a continuation of Hellboy's story after Hellboy 2: The Golden Army? Does Hellboy need a fresh start, somewhere he's not tied to Liz (Selma Blair) or their twins?

'Hellboy 2' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Hellboy 2' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Go back to the start with the trailer for the original Hellboy movie below:


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