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The buzz around this year has mainly been about sci-fi blockbuster Pacific Rim, but a closer examination of del Toro's projects as of late show him firmly embedded back in his horror roots, with suburban horror film Mama hitting theaters this past January, and preparations underway to shoot the pilot of vampire drama The Strain for FX.

The pattern will continue with del Toro's next film, upcoming gothic horror Crimson Peak, which has been set for a production start date of February of next year, according to THR. The film will be backed by Legendary Pictures, which also fronted 75% of Pacific Rim's budget, and is set for a three-month shoot from February 10 to May 14 in Toronto.

It looks as if del Toro, like many established directors, is starting to build quite the stable of actors and actresses who regularly work with him. Among those attached to star in the film, , , , and have all previously worked with the director, with and - who worked together in Only Lovers Left Alive - joining the del Toro thespian family.

Crimson Peak is set for an April 2015 release.

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