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Speaking with The Playlist while promoting the horror movie Mama (which he's producing), discussed some of his upcoming projects, including his rather furtive next project, a live action Warner Bros. Beauty and the Beast adaptation.

It was reported that del Toro had signed on to direct and produce the movie, which has Harry Potter actress attached to star. Since then, however, we haven't heard anything official on the project. Here, the Pacific Rim director confirms that a script has been finished, and will be turned in to the studio soon. He also gives a little update on the movie:

We just got the first draft from Andrew Davies, who wrote some BBC Charles Dickens miniseries, to great effect, including two of my favorites of his – "Little Dorrit" and "Bleak House." I love his work. So we just got it. I'm doing a pass myself and then we'll send it to the studio for reactions.

Del Toro is one of the only genuine auteurs left in Hollywood. He's a true artist that's smart, cultured, and unpretentious. His movies are just flat-out fun and you can see how they'd be far too subtle to those that don't look too deep. Okay, so he's making cheesy, action-packed monster movies with guys in rubber suits. But they're so well done, it's unbelievable. Just take Hellboy, for an example. That movie is absolutely perfect. So absolutely perfect.

Rant over. Basically, I cannot wait to see what del Toro has in store for Dickens-inspired Beauty and the Beast. As long as it's done straight with a high budget it should be awesome. No beastly, crappy make-up, none of it. I want to believe that the idea is for Del Toro's usual collaborator and his very own Hellboy, to play the Beast again, having played the character in the contemporary television show of the late 80s that re-imagined the tragic monster (who lived in the sewers) with the beauty a NY attorney (), which you just know Del Toro has seen that a thousand times.

This obviously isn't the first Beauty and the Beast adaptation currently in the works, as fairy tale productions are the new fad every studio has flocked to ever since Alice in Wonderland broke the billion dollar box office barrier. (Silent Hill) is making an another production of the fairy tale, with and in the leading roles.

Are you stoked about a del Toro adaptation? What Dickensian influences do you think we can expect? Let us know by dropping your thoughts below, and hit the button at the end of this sentence for all the awesome updates. [[follow]]


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