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Gunhand is an upcoming Independent feature film, which features a host of talented filmmakers who are currently working around the clock to make their unique and singular vision come to life.

Gunhand centers around a retired gunslinger, who must confront his dark past when he teams up with a young Marshal to battle a land-swindling mining company. Slated for a 2018 release, the feature is currently in pre-production, with a live campaign on IndieGoGo before its expected shoot period.

Before we delve into that, let's take a closer look at the story behind Gunhand — both its intriguing plot, and the history of this genre-bending project.

What Actually Is 'Gunhand'?

Set in 1871, Gunhand follows the story of erstwhile Gunslinger, Joe Ledbetter, who finds himself unceremoniously thrown back into the life of violence he tried so hard to escape from when he married his beatiful wife, Kate. Living the quiet life, the two reside on their isolated farm far away from the troubles of his dark and violent past.

A mining company who believe the farm to be rich in precious copper ore come sniffing around their home, with the sole intention to removing them from their rural idyll. Ledbetter soon realises that a violent confrontation is inevitable. A young wounded Marshal makes all the difference when Kate offers to nurse him back to health — how long will the couple be able to hide Ledbetter's dark past from the young Marshal? And could he possibly be of some use in their fight against the mining company?

The film features elements of a traditional Western, with a modern twist in its narrative. Despite the often outlandish nature of Westerns — usually full to bursting with action as a priority — Gunhand will feel more like a thriller than anything else. The narrative is a character-driven one as opposed to an action-driven one, and the focus on the characters — their feelings, actions and development — makes Gunhand a much more personal and gritty Western than most.

How Are They Creating This Western With A Difference?

The film should begin shooting in September / October of 2017, in preparation for a 2018 release, and will visit a variety of locations during this time. With production set to take place in Europe, the shooting of this feature will take the cast and crew to places like Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. In addition to the variety of European locations, Gunhand will literally widen the scope of what it means to be a Western, shooting every aspect of the film with a wider lens than is normally expected for the genre. D.O.P David van der Meijde has explained how he wants the audience...

"To feel the presence of the actors. I want to achieve this by shooting wider. This will give it the feel that you’re really in the scene itself."

Of course, all of this requires the help of dedicated fans and backers. The Gunhand IndieGoGo Campaign is currently live as crowdfunding for the feature has already begun. Providing they hit their target, Gunhand will shoot next year with YOUR help, and of course in true crowdfunding style, there are a ton of perks to go along with with your pledge!

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The Crew - Who's Behind The Upcoming Feature?

There are a ton of incredibly talented people behind Gunhand, all of whom have previous experience working on independent films, and all of whom are an integral part of this movie.

The Director - Rey Agaoglu

Rey was born in Goirle, the Netherlands and emigrated to Canada at the age of 9. He studied drama and graphic arts whilst at school, and later moved on to hone his skills in Storyboard Animation at Cartoon School in Amsterdam. He's been writing, directing and producing his own films since 2003.

"It was originally written to be made into a comic or graphic novel. But in 2012 we decided to see if it could be made into a film, and I began turning it into a low budget screenplay. Bringing sense of realism to a Western film and still presenting the story and characters in a modern and entertaining way, is a challenge I’m looking forward to."

Director of Photography - David van der Meijde

David has been surrounded by creativity his entire life and his love of movies began early on. Inspired by the sheer scope and scale of movies such as Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, David finds himself captivated by all things film. Having studied it at college, working primarily as a composer, cinematographer and editor, David even has his own production company. (Welldone Pictures)

"With a Western in mind, you think of anamorphic lenses, vast landscapes and extreme close-ups. But with Gunhand, I want to take another approach. The story is character-driven, I really want the audience to feel that, instead of merely observing the actors as a fly on the wall."

The Producers - Michel Volwater, Erman Baradi & Brandon Waites

Between them, producers Michel, Erman and Brandon hold degrees in Media and Entertainment Management, Event Production, Buisness Management and Masters in Film and Television. Working together with a talented team behind them, this trio of producers consider Gunhand a passion project, and are more than excited for the possibilities it holds.

- Michel Volwater

Test Footage

Although the film won't officially start shooting until next year, the team behind Gunhand have shot multiple examples of what the film will look like when it's finally released.

If you'd like to find out more about Gunhand, have a look at the other teaser trailers, and be sure to head on over to their IndieGoGo page.


Does Gunhand sound like something you could get into?

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