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Not only was this week's episode of The Walking Dead a much needed lighter episode than much of Season 7, it also contained a number of references to earlier seasons, much to the delight of longtime viewers.

The episodes seemingly tipped its cap to Season 4 when Rick and Michonne fell through the roof, Season 2 with the appearance of the deer, and Season 6 when Rick hid in a dumpster-like object to avoid death. However, eagle eyed viewers over on Reddit have now noticed one more reference to an earlier season, which is also some really good continuity from The Walking Dead crew.

Rick's bullet scar [Credit: AMC]
Rick's bullet scar [Credit: AMC]

During one of Michonne and Rick's more raunchy scenes, you may have noticed that Andrew Lincoln is pretty scarred up, but if you were as attentive as Redditor taillowsuift then you would have realized that this is actually exactly where Rick got shot way back in the pilot episode of the series. In fact it was this wound that put Rick in the coma, separating him from Lori and Carl.

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Not only has the show continued to remember that Rick was shot way back at the start of the series, but it also remembers Rick's knife wound on his from Season 3, Episode 12 when a crazed Morgan stabbed him.

Morgan stabs Rick in Season 3, Episode 12 [Credit: AMC]
Morgan stabs Rick in Season 3, Episode 12 [Credit: AMC]

Episode 12 also had another clever continuity moment when it briefly showed that the leg of Rick's jeans had been sewn up since last episode when they were torn in his fight against Winslow. Rick seems to have been wearing those jeans since his time at the prison in Season 4, with Redditor recon_ninja pointing out the hole in the top left thigh visible from where he was shot in the prison battle during Episode 8.

RIck's stitched up pant leg [Credit: AMC]
RIck's stitched up pant leg [Credit: AMC]

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 13, "Bury Me Here" on March 12


Did you notice the scar on Rick's back?


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