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Disney is not slowing down in their pursuit of directing live-action remakes of their classic animated tales, with recent word coming of Aladdin being the latest added to the growing list of remakes. While we have no news on cast, it has now been reported via Deadline that the studio is looking at to direct the live-action reboot.

Ritchie is most well-known for his two Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. as the titular character, and his upcoming movie is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword starring Charlie Hunnam. He broke onto the scene in 1998 with British indie cult classic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, following that up with Snatch two years later.

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Joining him behind the scenes will be script writer John August, who worked on the fantasy film Big Fish, as well as Dan Lin as producer. They are hoping to start a new franchise with the film, much like how Disney approached in the past with a TV show and two direct-to-video sequels. Since the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it's been clear Disney is looking to tap into their own properties to recapture that magic, though it's only generated moderate success so far.

Could Aladdin be that franchise they've been wanting?

The script is said to have much of the same elements of the original, as well as musical numbers. However, as so much of the original was ad-libbed by the late Robin Williams, great care should be taken when it comes with adapting a script similar to the classic animated version version.

It is exciting, however, to have another favorite to look forward to seeing on the big screen again and reimagined for us to enjoy. Millenials now can take their children to see the same films they grew up with, with a twist, and I think that that concept is a lot of fun. I know I will be first in line at the theater for this film.

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