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Little information has been disclosed since the December announcement for venture, . Fans are desperately waiting to be let in on the film's plans, especially who will take over the characters of Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

But thanks to Haley Bennett, we might have received our very first casting reveal (besides Margot Robbie as , of course).

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It all started five days ago, when Bennett casually shared a simple image of Catwoman on her Instagram:

Yes, a very subtle clue if any, but that wasn't all she gave us. The actress of The Girl on the Train (2016) recently chopped off her hair, further proving that she could be taking up the role of the iconic Selina Kyle.

And then perhaps, the meow-st unambiguous hint of all...

With movies such as The Equalizer (2014), Hardcore Henry (2015) and The Magnificent Seven (2016) under her belt, Bennett is clearly no stranger to action-packed endeavors. Bringing Selina's fierce fighting style to the big screen wouldn't be tough for her to recreate. Not to mention, a lead role as in Gotham City Sirens could give her the recognition that she needs.

At this rate, Bennett's fun hints on social media look crystal clear. I would be more than excited to see her join David Ayer and Margot Robbie, and portray Catwoman in the female-led team-up.

Based on this evidence, do you think Haley Bennett officially has the Catwoman role in Gotham City Sirens? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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