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Heather Snowden

Halle Berry is either some sort of cyborg or she has spent the last 25 years supping milk from a virgin's teat, because there is literally no way a 50-year-old woman can look this darn hot without there being a little voodoo involved. Seriously.

Yesterday, the artist formerly known as Catwoman posted a snap of her butt-naked bod pressed against a steamy glass window and swiftly launched every person perving upon it into the nearest cold shower. If you peer closely — which obvs you will — you can even spy a cheeky nip. Look:

Whatever she's taking, I'll have a bucket load please. This is a woman with two children, people, bow TF down.

Halle Berry stars as Ginger in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which hits theaters this September and I'm willing to bet that if you weren't eager to see it before, you are now.

Who would you kill for a bod like Halle's?


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