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Alisha Grauso

If I looked even half as good now as the ageless does at age 46, I would be a happy woman. Seriously. She is one of those rare and exalted creatures who seemingly don't get older with time, just better. She's full of crazy, no doubt, but it's a beautiful kind of crazy.

She looked amazing as she strolled on the beach in a little black bikini and sheer coverup with her daughter and current beau, .

Check it out:

Man. What would it take to get a body like that (I ask as I sit my ass on the couch and eat Goldfish crackers by the handful)? Halle opens up:

I work out with Nat Bardonnet three times a week, an hour at a time. I do cardio, very light weights, and exercises that use a lot of my own body weight. I just try and keep everything lean and toned –- the days of trying to get a body are done.

Well, whatever you're doing, Halle, keep doing it.


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