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In my opinion the Halloween series should have stopped with Halloween Resurrection and not had try and do a remake of the original two Halloween movies. was an excellent lead actress in the first two Halloween movies, and her career has taken off since then. played his role as Michael’s doctor real well, and he was a beloved character from the movie series.

The 1978 Halloween introduced us to Michael Myers, and his sister who was played by a young Jamie Lee Curtis. It was a good horror movie at its time, and it brought out the fear we all had about going out on Halloween night. Donald Pleasance did an excellent job as Sam Loomis who was Michael’s doctor. We all wanted Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) to kill Michael, but we also had feelings for Michael and did not want to see him die. The ending scene, where Michael falls off the balcony after getting shot by Dr. Loomis, and we discover that Michael’s body is nowhere to be found, we have the feeling that he maybe supernatural.

In 1981’s Halloween 2, we continue where we left off with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) being taken to the hospital after she got attacked by Michael Myers. This is where another one of people’s fears begins to take place: being in a hospital alone. Michael kills off most of the staff at the hospital on his rampage to kill Laurie Strode. Towards the end of the movie, we find out that Michael Myers is Laurie Strodes older brother. Michael had killed his sister when he was six, and Laurie was only a baby at the time and she was adopted by the Strode family. At the end of the film, Dr. Loomis is seen supposedly killing Michael off by setting him on fire.

In 1988’s Halloween 4, we see at the beginning of the movie, we see a truck that is going to take Michael Myers, whose been in a coma since the explosion at the hospital, is being taken to the sanitarium. We soon find out that Michael is not dead, and he kills the two attendants taking him to the sanitarium. We also discover that Laurie Strode has a niece name Jamie Lloyd, who is living in Haddonfield, Illinois, where Michael did the killings in the first two movies. In this movie, Michael is trying to kill his niece Jamie, and he’s willing to kill anyone and everyone to do so. Towards the end of the movie, Michael is again shot, and he falls down, and Jamie goes over to touch him, but when she touches him, Michael gets up and he gets shot again. At the end of the movie, we see someone put on a clown’s mask, like Michael did when he killed his older sister, and see the person stab a woman preparing a bath. As we hear the screams and see Dr. Loomis run up the stairs, it is then that we see that it was Jamie who stabbed her mother, and it seems that Michael is reborn in Jamie.

In 1989’s Halloween 5, we see that Jamie is in a children’s hospital and that she cannot talk, or she is unwilling to talk. Whatever that Michael is feeling, Jamie is also feeling, and since Michael cannot talk, neither can Jamie. Michael returns to Haddonfield to terrorize the people and to once again try and kill Jamie. Towards the ending of the movie, Dr. Loomis is seen beating Michael to death after Jamie tried to appeal to her uncle by touching his face, which only sent Michael into a rampage. At the end of the movie, we see that Michael is locked up, and being taken to a maximum-security prison. Jamie is sitting in a police squad car, and she hears gun shot inside the prison. When she leaves the car and goes into the prison, she discovers that every cop in the prison is dead, and that Michael’s cell is empty and that he is gone.

In 1998’s Halloween H2O: 20 years later, we see a woman whose house has been broken into, and a file on Laurie Strode is missing. We are later introduced to a much older Laurie Strode who now goes by the name Keri Tate, and has a teenage son. Laurie teaches at a prep school, and tries to forget about her past, but she has told no one, including her son about her past. Michael reads the file, and finds out that his sister is not dead, and that she works at the prep school. Laurie is freaking out because its Halloween night, and she has not had a good Halloween in forever. After Michael does his normal killings, we finally see the fight scene that we’ve always wanted to see: Michael vs. Laurie. Laurie wins, and we see Michael being taken away in an ambulance, and we see that Laurie is driving the ambulance, knowing that Michael is not dead. Laurie crashes the ambulance, and at the end of the movie, she cuts off Michael’s head.

In 2002’s Halloween Resurrection, we see the ending of Halloween H2O, and discover that Jamie is now in a insane asylum, after she cut off the head of a paramedic that had Michaels mask on him. Michael had made sure that the paramedic would not talk, and then stuffed him in the body bag with Michael’s mask on his head. The beginning of the movie is Michael killing Laurie after all these years. This movie is about a scare show putting people in Michael Meyer’s house, and daring them to spend 24 hours in the house without leaving. Michael kills all but one of the people in the house, and she only survives because a friend of hers is texting her about the whereabouts of Michael.


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