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Oh, Halloween. A time for pumpkin spiced drinks, caramel apples and ghoulishly good films! However, if you're burnt out on horror movies and want something lighthearted with a little Halloween flare, then why not spend the day binging some classic sitcoms? To kick off your next spooky marathon, here are eight of the best Halloween specials to check out this month.

8. 'Friends'

Friends always knew how to make a good holiday special, but "The One With The Halloween Party" really stands out. This episode deserves a top spot on your Halloween queue for Chandler's pink rabbit look and Ross's alien potato massacre of a costume alone.

While this Season 7 episode isn't necessarily spooky, the majority of it takes place during a costume party that Monica is throwing. So while normal shenanigans enthuse, the gang is dressed in some fantastic Halloween costumes throughout most of it. For added holiday flare, one of the plots revolves around Rachel having disastrous encounters with the trick or treaters. Overall, it's a strong Friends episode with a great Halloween backdrop.

7. 'Frasier'

Frasier Crane's ongoing romance with anything highbrow is apparent throughout the show, and the Season 5 episode "Halloween" is no exception, especially considering his brother's literary themed Halloween party. First of all, the costumes in this special are to die for — from Niles as Cyrano de Bergerac to Frasier and Daphne dressing as characters from the Canterbury Tales (and who could forget Bulldog as Waldo?). Honestly, this is a great episode to pause and just admire the eccentric outfits.

The main plot isn't focused on Halloween and chooses to instead follow Roz, who spends the episode wondering whether or not she's pregnant. Although, this plot leads into some comical mishaps, those hijinks are only enhanced with the costume party backdrop, making it a good go-to for all your Halloween sitcom needs.

6. 'Roseanne'

Roseanne never failed to deliver a strong Halloween episode full of spooks, but the episode "Boo!" in the second season shows Roseanne at the top of its game. Not to mention that the success of this first Halloween special set the stage for each one that followed in the series.

The entirety of the episode takes place inside the house, which has gone under a haunting transformation to become the Tunnel of Terrors. The plot revolves around Dan and Roseanne trying to out prank each other to prove who the real Master of Halloween is. From the spooky aesthetic to the silly rivalry between our two leads, this is a must-watch for the season.

5. 'That 70s Show'

The first Halloween episode of That 70s Show is probably best known for Fez's fantastic Batman costume and Eric's line, "It's like we're too old to trick or treat and too young to die." The special is filled with great Halloween aesthetics, with Fez trick or treating for the first time, the abandoned grammar school and flashbacks to a Halloween party Kitty and Red threw before their kids were born.

While the main plots revolve around the gang finding their permanent records and Kitty and Red finding out they'll be parents, the Halloween setting makes for a cozy October episode perfect for a night in.

4. 'Parks And Recreation'

Parks and Recreation was rarely short on good episodes, but the Season 2 Halloween special, "Greg Pikitis" has always been a personal favorite. One plot revolves around Anne's costume party where all of her doctor and nurse co-workers decide to go as (surprise, surprise) doctors and nurses. Aside from her co-workers, there are some great costumes in this episode, from Anne's Raggedy Anne ensemble to April's clown look. Her plot also speaks to anyone who's tried to host a large party for the first time and the anxiety that comes with it to make sure everyone has a good time.

The second plot revolves around Leslie trying to catch a teenage prankster with Andy and her cop boyfriend Dave (played by Louis C.K.). From typical Halloween pranks to the costume party, this episode should be placed high on your October TV list.

3. 'The Office'

The Season 2 episode "Halloween" centers around the office Halloween party, which doesn't go as planned when Michael learns from corporate that he needs to fire someone by the end of the day. Once more, the costumes in this episode are fantastic. Pam's black cat outfit is adorable, Dwight is a Sith Lord, Michael has a paper mache head on his shoulder and Jim is a three hole punch.

The episode also features an angry employee smashing a pumpkin on Michael's car (because even bad behavior needs to be festive) and ends on a sweet note, with Michael handing out a generous amount of candy to the trick or treaters at his door.

2. 'Boy Meets World'

There are two Boy Meets World Halloween specials worth watching every year. "And There Was Shawn" seems to be the definitive go-to for Boy Meets World Halloween specials and it deserves to be. The Season 4 episode revolves around the gang ending up in detention, but with a twist — no one is getting out alive. The rest of the special is an entertaining survival/room escape until Shawn awakes from his horror driven dream.

"Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?" is no doubt cheesier, coming from Season 2 of the series when it had a vastly different tone. Still, the episode is ghoulishly cute and is about Cory (supposedly) getting bitten by a wolf and being led to believe he's transforming into a werewolf. The entire episode is lighthearted and perfect for those who want something silly and fun for a Halloween watch.

1. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to out do itself every year with its Halloween specials. For the sake of the list, I'll go with the one that started it all back in Season 1. The episode "Halloween" begins when Jake makes a bet with Holt about stealing his superior's Medal of Valor. Meanwhile Amy (who hates working Halloween) has to wear a costume and go under cover on the streets with Charles.

The parts at the precinct are some of the best as Jake and Holt go out of their way to win the bet. The rivalry and pranks get more insane as the episode goes on, creating an intense build up. Oh, and the costumes are amazing as well — from Charles being Mario Batali, to the constant stream of costumed citizens walking in and out of the precinct. Honestly, a good binge of every Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween special would make for a perfect October night.

Netflix And Chills

Grab a warm drink and some Halloween candy to begin your next binge with these spooktacular episodes. Almost all of them can be found on Netflix and Hulu and will make an excellent addition to your October watch list. What are you waiting for?

What will you be watching this Halloween season? Let me know in the comments down below!


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