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is one the hottest tickets on right now (maybe ever), with sold out performances for months. Vice President elect Mike Pence just assumed that he would have a quiet night out at the theater when he caught a performance of the show, but he thought wrong. Instead, he was roundly booed when the audience realized he was there. The play has a diverse cast, portraying American history in an raw and unique way, and they took the opportunity to call out Pence in the most polite way possible that they hope he will be better in the future about being a Vice President for all Americans, not just the ones who hold his same beliefs.

While the theater normally discourages cell phones or recordings, cast member Brandon Dixon (Aaron Burr) encouraged those in attendance to tweet and video what was happening stating that:

Though Pence left the auditorium before the speech had been finished, it was reported that he heard the entire speech in the hallway.

Of course, President-elect Trump took to Twitter to air his grievances:

Because, of course, the cast speaking respectfully to Pence, asking for him not to be booed by the audience, expressing a request and thanking him twice for seeing their show... THAT is the epitome of rudeness. Sure.

Star Brandon Dixon seemed to think it wasn't, sending this, once again polite, response to our would-be President:

Since then, theater lovers have taken to Twitter to come up with some Pence-tailored musicals for him to enjoy next time he is on Broadway.

From Pro-Choice

To Immigration And Discrimination

To Women's Rights

To LGBTQ Rights

While this may all seem out of line, Mike Pence has been active in the charge to shut down Planned Parenthood (an active champion of women's health rights) and a leading supporter of gay conversion therapy, which has been proven to be so detrimental and traumatic that states have moved to outright bans on it.

As the theater community is full of vibrant women and people in the LGBTQ community, it is no surprise that they would take the opportunity to speak to him about his opinions and hope that he will do what is best for the country as a whole, not just those he agrees with.

One thing you can't deny, the theater community definitely has style.


Do you think that the 'Hamilton' cast handled this correctly?

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