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George Lucas is notorious for making edits to his original Star Wars movies, amping up the CGI and even editing certain scenes in a way that subtly changes the story, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

But despite Lucas being retired and all post-release edits accounted for, news of another edit to A New Hope has just surfaced. And while it's not in relation to post-release-edit victim Greedo, the information comes straight from the actor who played him: Paul Blake.

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Han's Second Run-In With A Rodian

A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]
A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Han's murky history with Jabba the Hutt was made pretty clear from the get-go in A New Hope. After meeting with Obi-Wan and Luke in the cantina, Han agrees to meet them at Docking Bay 94 after accepting their guaranteed payment of 17,000 credits; a sum that could be used to pay off his debt to Jabba the Hutt.

Of course, all hope of making peace with the slimy crime lord gets thrown out the window after Jabba's pal Greedo (played by Paul Blake) rocks up, threatening Solo and getting himself shot in the process.

However, the 1997 Special Edition release of revealed a different series of events. After taking out Greedo, Solo returns to the Millennium Falcon to find Jabba and his henchmen waiting for him. Check out the scene below, and see if you can spot Paul Blake playing another Rodian in the background:

Their brief conversation concludes with Solo agreeing to pay Jabba the money he owes him, plus a fee. After Jabba and his gang leave, Obi-Wan and Luke arrive, followed by a group of Stormtroopers who try (unsuccessfully, of course) to shoot them down as they flee in the Falcon.

But what fans don't know is that there was yet another element to that original scene at Docking Bay 94 that was intended to trigger Jabba's intense animosity toward his former employee; a scene that Lucas decided to cut entirely during production.

What Really Happened At Docking Bay 94?

A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]
A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Remember Paul Blake, the guy who played both Greedo and another Rodian lackey under Jabba's employ? During a recent interview with Sci Fi Central, Blake revealed that the conversation at Docking Bay 94 didn't originally conclude with civilities, but a violent shoot-out:

"Absolutely I was the Rodian in that, that’s right. And in fact there’s a brilliant little sequence which I loved doing with Harrison [Ford], where we were shooting at each other like cowboys and Indians. We had this big gun battle which lasted all morning and then Stormtroopers came out of the big double doors and we started firing at them. So we had this fantastic scene and of course that’s all gone. But I’m sure George [Lucas] has got that all at Skywalker Ranch."

While we may never see this cut scene, it definitely sounds like it would have given a slightly different explanation for why Jabba still came after Solo, despite being assured he'd get his money.

Do you think Lucas was right to cut the shoot-out scene from A New Hope?

A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]
A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]

(Source: Sci Fi Central)


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