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In the timeless feud between the two most popular universes in science fiction, Star Trek and Star Wars (sorry, Dune fans), one thing has bound both camps in an unspoken pact of honor: there shall be no crossover whatsoever between the two cinematic realities.

As of late, however, those previously clear boundary lines are starting to blur. First, we get the news that Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness director will also direct the next Star Wars sequel, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. As if that wasn't enough of franchise cross-breeding and mudblood taint for trekkies and SW fans alike, we get this video in which , co-writer and producer in this rebooted Star Trek franchise, jokingly (we all hope) asks ageless icon to be in Star Trek Beyond. The pair of cinematic power players were actually promoting Ender's Game, their latest collaboration, when an interviewer from Total Film asked Orci about any updates on ST3. Orci, sitting next to Ford, said:

Just started thinking about it, and trying to steal as many good ideas as I can from everyone I talk to, including this man [points at Harrison Ford with his thumb].

He then turned his head in Harrison's direction and directly asked him to his face:

Will you be in that?

To which Han freakin' Solo curtly and politely responded:


Yeah, right. I wonder who got a blaster shot through the chest for suggesting such pure blasphemy right after the camera stopped rolling.

Seriously, though, it was all in good fun and showed once again that not all actors and industry heavyweights are totally devoid of a sense of humor. Watch the short exchange below:


What do you think? Could you see Harrison Ford in the Star Trek franchise someday, or do you think the whole Multiverse would implode on itself if Captain Solo met Captain Kirk? Good thing it's all playful banter, or else next year's Comic Con could turn into a dreadfully bloody battle.

Star Trek 3, this time directed by , is expected to be released at some point in 2016, although no official premiere date has yet been provided.



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