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The anthology film is still a fair while off yet, but details are already being released on the next origins story. Fans couldn't be more thrilled to see the humble beginnings of the galaxy's favorite scruffy-looking nerd herder.

New information is coming in thick and fast, and we've got you covered for all the latest news. So what do we know about this upcoming title?

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Han Solo Movie News

  • 3/27/2017— Ian Kenny Joins The Cast

Irish actor Ian Kenny has been confirmed as the latest cast member for the Han Solo anthology movie. His role is still unknown, but hopefully details of his character will be revealed soon!

  • 3/24/2017— Han Solo's Real Name Might Not Be Han Solo!?

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed some details about the film's plot, and hinted that the smuggler might not have always been known as Han Solo.

  • 3/23/2017— Woody Harrelson Reveals His Character's Name

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Woody Harrelson revealed that he will indeed be playing Han Solo's criminal mentor— who goes by the name of Beckett!

  • 3/6/2017— Michael K. Williams Joins The Cast

Michael K. Williams, otherwise known as The Wire's Omar Little, is confirmed to be signed on for the Han Solo movie. Who could he be playing?

  • 2/21/2017— First Cast Photo Revealed & Thandie Newton Confirmed!
[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

The first photo of the cast has been released! Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Alden Ahrenreich, Joonas Suotamo, Woody Harrelson and Phoebe Waller-Bridge all crammed into the Millennium Falcon cockpit to warm up for their roles, with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller tagging along for the ride.

The announcement also confirmed that Thandie Newton had officially joined the cast, despite not appearing in the photo.

  • 2/11/2017— Thandie Newton In Talks To Join Cast

Westworld's Thandie Newton is reportedly in talks with Lucasfilm to star in the Han Solo anthology movie. Could she be playing Sana Staros?

  • 2/9/2017— Phoebe Waller-Bridge In Talks To Join Cast

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is in talks to play the role of an unnamed CGI character.

  • 1/30/2017— First Shot Of Filming Released

Director Chris Miller tweeted the first image from on set, with a clever reference to the Han/Greedo shootout debate.

  • 1/23/2017— Woody Harrelson May Have Accidentally Revealed His Character

Woody Harrelson awkwardly stumbled through a question in an interview and sort of confirmed that he'll be playing Garris Shrike— but was he just confused?

  • 12/16/2016— Filming Date Announced

Lucasfilm have announced that filming for the Han Solo anthology film will start February 2017.

  • 11/2/2016— Breaking Rules

Cinematographer Bradford Young revealed in an interview that the new movie would definitely "break some rules". What could that mean?

Han Solo Movie Title

The official title for the Han Solo anthology movie hasn't been announced yet, but according to casting calls for extras, its working title is 'Red Cup'. What does that mean? Check out our handy video to find out:

Han Solo Movie Plot

The film will tell the story of Han Solo's life between the ages of 18 and 24, before his involvement with the Rebellion. We'll learn how he got into smuggling in his twenties and became the career criminal we met in Episode IV: A New Hope, how he came to acquire the Millennium Falcon, and how he met his furry BFF Chewbacca.

J. J. Abrams told Fox news that he'd seen the "amazing" script, and had high hopes for the film:

"I think it is a thrill to be a part of something that meant so much to me as a kid and to be part of allowing it to mean so much for kids now,” he told us. “It is fun to see it live on in various forms and ways even five years ago I would have never imagined it would have continued and knowing what is coming up is even more exciting."

Han Solo Movie Rumors & Theories:

  • Did Han Solo Go By A Different Name?

Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted that Han Solo's name wasn't always Han Solo. Could this be a metaphor, or did he literally adopt a completely new identity after he became a smuggler?

  • Will Corellia Feature As A Location?

Spanish newspaper La Provincia released a news report about the Han Solo movie currently filming on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. The publication stated the Canary Islands would serve as the location for Corellia, Han Solo's home planet. The report is unverified, but it's not an entirely unlikely prospect.

  • Bill Dee Williams To Cameo?

Donald Glover was spotted having lunch with original Lando Calrissian actor Billy Dee Williams. Does this mean a potential cameo for the Han Solo movie?

  • Emilia Clarke To Play Doctor Aphra?

There's a chance that Emilia Clarke may just play Doctor Aphra, a character that's received a lot of attention in her own Star Wars comic series.

  • Release Date Pushed Back?

A rumor from Making Star Wars suggests that the Han Solo movie's release date might be changed from May 25th 2018 to December 13th, 2018.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [Credit: Lucasfilm]
  • Rogue One Cameos?

Felicity Jones' contract with Star Wars includes not one movie, but two. Does this mean we'll be seeing Jyn Erso in the Han Solo anthology film?

Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor in Rogue One, has been acting a little strange when questioned about the likelihood of him appearing in the Han Solo movie, which suggests that a cameo might by likely.

There's even a rumor that Chirrut Imwe's backstory may be explored in the Han Solo movie.

Sana Starros [Credit: Marvel]
Sana Starros [Credit: Marvel]
  • Sana Starros

Zoe Kravitz, Naomi Scott and Tessa Thompson all auditioned for the movie, which sparked rumors that Han Solo's first wife, Sana Starros, would be a featured character in the film. Thandie Newton is set to star in the film, suggesting that she may be playing Sana.

Han Solo Movie Release date

The Han Solo anthology film will be released May 25th 2018.

Han Solo Movie Cast

[Credit: 20th Television/Emilia Clarke Instagram/Wikimedia Commons]
[Credit: 20th Television/Emilia Clarke Instagram/Wikimedia Commons]

The confirmed cast for the Han Solo anthology movie is as follows:

Check out our video of Donald Glover's transformation into Lando Calrissian:

And don't forget to check out our exclusive interview with the original Lando Calrissian, Billie Dee Williams.

Han Solo Movie Crew

Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord [Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord [Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
  • Directors: Phil Lord and Chris Miller
  • Writers: Jon and Lawrence Kasdan
  • Cinematographer: Bradford Young
  • Producers: Allison Shearmur and Kathleen Kennedy
  • Executive producers: Lawrence Kasdan and Jason D. McGatlin
  • Co-producer: Will Allegra

Han Solo Movie Characters

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

So far, Lucasfilm have confirmed Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, a female droid and Han Solo's mentor Beckett to appear in the Han Solo anthology film. Emilia Clarke's character has not been named yet.

Han Solo Movie Trailer

A trailer has yet to be released for the Han Solo anthology film— watch this space! In the meantime, watch our video of Han Solo experiencing some serious Rogue One FOMO:

Han Solo Movie Spoilers

So far, the only spoiler that's been leaked has been Woody Harrelson confessing that his character will be a bit of a criminal— which is already obvious, considering he'll be playing a mentor to the young smuggler.

Han Solo Movie Filming Locations

[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Filming locations for the film are still unknown, but it's expected that Lucasfilm's preferred Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England will be used.


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