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We might have a few years to wait until the as-yet-untitled Han Solo solo movie is released, but fan anticipation is high for the origin story of Star Wars' beloved scoundrel. With Alden Ehrenreich cast in the lead, we have yet to learn who else will be joining Han on this jaunt throughout the galaxy — though there's rumblings that his partner-in-crime, Lando Calrissian, will also appear in the movie.

Little is known about Han Solo's life before A New Hope, and now that Disney have declared Han's Extended Universe backstory non-canon, they have a blank state to fill with the Han Solo movie.

The Millennium Falcon is also assumed to appear. [Lucasfilm]
The Millennium Falcon is also assumed to appear. [Lucasfilm]

As such, it's difficult to predict what we'll see in the film, but thanks to the new (totally canon) comic books, and some casting rumors, there's one character who seems almost certain to appear.

Han's Con Artist Wife — Sorta

Sana Starros (or Solo, as she sometimes argues), is an interesting character from Han's past. She popped up in the ongoing Marvel comic Star Wars, determined to get retribution on Han for a years-old grievance. Badass, self-serving, and snippy, Sana just loves to give a hard time, but although she seems like a ruthless bounty hunter, as she's forced to team up with Han and Leia, Sana reveals hidden depths.

As it turns out, Sana and Han only got married as part of a scam — and after the ceremony Han promptly absconded with Sana's share of the bounty.

Leia meets Han's "wife" Sana. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]
Leia meets Han's "wife" Sana. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]

Insisting she was Han's wife primarily to make life difficult for him, when she learns who his companion is Sana sells Leia out to the Empire — only to discover that Han is a rebel too. After the trio escape the Imperial forces together, Leia offers to pay Sana for passage to a planet Luke's holed up on.

During the ensuing battle on the planet's surface, Sana fights on the side of the Rebel Alliance. The women get separated from Han, and Sana remains with Leia — ostensibly just sticking around for her payment for assisting the Rebellion, Sana nonetheless starts to come around to their cause, aiding and advising Leia as they embark on a new mission together.

Sana advises Leia on interrogating an Imperial agent. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]
Sana advises Leia on interrogating an Imperial agent. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]

Sana is a fascinating character — definitely not the nicest of people, and with a distinctly shady past, she's also shrewd, brave, and with her own sense of honour.

It would be fantastic to learn more of Sana and Han's backstory in the Han Solo movie, as we still don't know how they met. From their easy banter, it seems obvious that Sana and Han were friendly rivals in their smuggling days. Throw Lando and Chewie into the equation, and you've got a great supporting cast for the upcoming Solo movie.

Casting The Female Lead

Of course, this is all speculation, but rumors have recently surfaced that Disney is hunting for a female lead for the movie — and they're narrowing down the likely candidates to take up this mystery role. Recently, Variety reported that three actresses had tested for the female lead: Naomi Scott (Power Rangers), Tessa Thompson (Creed), and Zoe Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road).

Actresses in line for the lead in the Han Solo movie.
Actresses in line for the lead in the Han Solo movie.

It could be that the female lead will be an original character, but Lucasfilm seem set on bringing the movies and the extended media closer together. After it was revealed that Rogue One's Forrest Whittaker would be playing a character from the animated show The Clone Wars, exec Simon Kinberg revealed that plot points from Star Wars: Rebels would "feed into future movies". There are also rumors that Laura Dern's character in Star Wars: Episode VIII is in fact Evaan, a character from the Princess Leia comic.

Lucasfilm are aiming to create an interconnected narrative, releasing new canon comics and novels that set up the films, providing plot hints and introducing characters who will appear in the movies later on. While it's possible, and even likely, that there will be wholly original characters in the Han Solo movie, with Han's history with Sana Starros, it would be a shame not to give this interesting character her time in the spotlight.

Tell us in the comments: Which characters would you like to see in the Han Solo movie?

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