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Disney and Lucasfilm are currently hard at work on 's upcoming anthology movie. Interestingly enough, aside from production already being underway, one cast photo and a few cool details, the movie has been shrouded in mystery.

's signature Force For Change charity is going on right now. This year, to celebrate the franchise's 40th anniversary, it has a past/present/future theme. And fans can win three incredible prizes that echo that:

  • Past: Watch A New Hope in Skywalker Ranch
  • Present: Attend The Last Jedi premiere
  • Future: Appear in the Han Solo movie

Disney released a new video for the charity, focused entirely on the Han Solo movie, featuring . In it, the actor walks us through the set of Han's latest solo adventure.

As you might have already realized though, the video is actually pretty uneventful, as it's built around the premise that anything important could leak onto the internet if spotted by eagle-eyed fans. So instead, the actor literally showed us pictures from the set (most notably an envy-inducing vending machine). But don't worry... because the video does end up giving us something else very interesting.

A New Type Of Alien

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

Near the end of the video, Warwick Davis introduced Han Solo's directors, and . Right after they popped up, Davis cautioned the directors about being careful with the information they share with the fans:

"You guys might wanna be careful you don't accidentally show anything."

Following that warning, Lord casually spun the camera and pointed it at an unsuspecting alien behind them. Thanks to that, my fellow Star Wars nerds, the director gave us our first look at a brand new alien species:

[Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]

We've seen some really weird designs in , but this one is definitely up there with the most imaginative and original ones.

After the reveal, Lord jokingly asked Davis whether that could be edited out to avoid any spoilers leaking onto the web. That gets me thinking, could this character play an important part in the Han Solo solo film? While I'm pretty sure he's not a pivotal piece that ties the whole story together, we could definitely see the guy in a prominent role.

Of course, keep in mind, I'm just speculating here. This video was made in good fun, so it could turn out to be nothing more than a cool new species that will only be seen in the background.

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While it's frustrating for fans that Disney and are keeping details on the Han Solo movie on lockdown, it's not an uncommon occurrence. After all, we only just got our first trailer for The Last Jedi, and that movie hits theaters later this year. But it's good to see that even with that penchant for secrecy, the studios still manage to give us cool, sneaky reveals like this one. Let's just hope we get more of them as the release date approaches.

If you want to participate in the Force for Change charity, don't forget to visit Omaze to make your donation. The untitled Han Solo movie flies into theaters on May 2018.

What did you think of this new alien? Let me know in the comments!


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