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Get your Kessel running shoes on, because Disney's Han Solo looks to be back on track and ready to fire a proton torpedo into the exhaust port of its haters. After a tumultuous time with the departure of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, an underground resistance is determined to give us a faithful anthology film to carry on from the success of last year's Rogue One.

With a third film in the pipeline (somewhere) and films planned until 2030, arguably has an even harder job of carrying the spin-off films than its predecessor. With the jury still out on whether Lucasfilm is just paving over some substantial cracks in the vase, it at least looks like we have managed to hold off the rebel scum and Han Solo can keep its May 2018 release date.

Been In The (Star) Wars

Star Wars News Net revealed that (of all things) a Lego set confirms Han Solo's release date. Apparently the plastic toy company's official Han Solo line is set to hit retailers on April 20, 2018 and the film should be expected shortly after. The Solo solo will rely heavily on tie-in merchandise, and who can wait to play with a tiny plastic Emilia Clarke or a posable Chewbacca? However, can we rely on toys to tell us when a film will be released?

While it is wholly possible that the film will come out a month after its sweet merch, Disney has taken two different approaches to this in the past. The prequels launched their Legos only a month before the films hit cinemas, while the more recent entries have released sets months in advance. Personally, I don't see the Han Solo date moving, especially when you consider how quickly Ron Howard was brought on to replace the departing directorial duo.

The news will come as a relief, especially considering Disney CEO Bob Iger said he "didn't know" how Miller and Lord's leaving would affect the film's release date. Now, Howard is firmly at the helm and it is suggested that there is mad scramble of our very own Rogue Squadron of talent, with Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm seeming determined to make this one work. Miller and Lord may have left just three weeks before filming was due to end, but fans are assured that "most" of the footage is still salvageable. Reshoots are nothing new to cinema, and even Rogue One underwent some major changes at a much later stage.

There may have been some disturbances in the Force while Han Solo's been filming, but sticking to the original release date gives us "a new hope" that everything will work out in the end. It has certainly been a struggle to keep up with all the behind-the-scenes drama, prompting some fans to plan for a Tatooine exile akin to Obi-Wan's just to get away from the misery. However, with the might of Disney behind the venture and an all-star cast, it isn't only die-hard Star Wars fans who see this one as too big to fail. We love you, Han — oh wait, he already knows!


Are you looking forward to 'Han Solo'?

(Source: Star Wars News Net)


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