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At least Chancellor Palpatine knew how to run an effective campaign.

Political mudslinging is nothing new; we see it every time there is an election for any government office. Usually a candidate's opponent targets their lack of moral standing, painting them as a hypocrite, liar or criminal — as we saw with the particularly vicious 2016 U.S. presidential election.

But now, one Super PAC has truly gone too far, targeting a Georgia congressional candidate over the shocking, unforgivable scandal of ... once cosplaying as Han Solo in college?! Really, we’re not joking.

The Congressional Leadership Fund Vs. Jon Ossoff, Star Wars Fan

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a Super PAC that is solely dedicated to making sure that the Republicans have control of the U.S. House of Representatives. They released an attack ad titled "Jon Ossoff: The Truth Strikes Back," which targets 30-year-old Jon Ossoff, who is one of 18 candidates that could replace Tom Price, currently Secretary of Health and Human Services under Trump.

The battle for the seat in Price's Georgia district appears to be something the CLF is very interested in, and this attack ad — while incredibly stupid — is costing them upwards of $1.1 million. The ad claims that Ossoff’s time as a National Security Staffer was spent being a typical frat boy, and that he has no real-world experience. The CLF seems to be targeting his age, in order to alienate him from older voters.

A Million-Dollar Insult To Star Wars Fans?

[Credit: YouTube/CLFSuperPAC]
[Credit: YouTube/CLFSuperPAC]

The lynchpin of this attack ad is targeting Ossoff for dressing up as Star Wars characters in college. I personally don’t know how this makes him an unfit candidate, but the CLF seems to think that this angle is strong enough to discredit him. Here's the narration:

“Ossoff wasn’t exactly fighting against terrorism, he was fighting against restrictions on keg parties. You see, Ossoff was just a college kid, doing things like dressing up with his drinking buddies and pretending to be Han Solo. Jon Ossoff: Not honest, not serious, not ready.”

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I wouldn’t consider what Ossoff is doing in the video to be cosplay per se — the makeshift costume is not even good — but it is in the ballpark. The CLF is pretty much saying that liking Star Wars is immature and that geeks aren’t ready for any real responsibility, which is pretty insulting to millions of fans around the globe.

The Ossoff campaign responded to the ad with the following statement from Rep. Hank Johnson, whom Ossoff worked under for five years:

“This is absurd. Jon spent five years working on national security issues for me. … Washington political operatives are coming into Georgia to spread false personal attacks — it’s what the American people are sick and tired of.”

Nobody expects modern politics to be a respectful debate about the issues, sadly, but going after a candidate for cosplaying in college is just absurd. If anything, this ad makes Ossoff more relatable to people who love the Star Wars universe.

Try harder next time, CLF. (Actually, do or do not — there is no try.) To quote Watto in The Phantom Menace, "Mind tricks don’t work on me."

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(Source: The Washington Post)


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