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As the May 2018 release date for the newest Star Wars anthology film — centering on Han Solo — edges closer, it’s inevitable that more and more information about the somewhat troubled production is revealed. Recently, we’ve begun to see snippets of Lando Calrissian (due to be played by Donald Glover) on the social media profiles of the film’s new director, Ron Howard. We’re going to be taking a closer look at these images to find out all we can about the Han Solo movie, and specifically, Lando’s role in it.

Our first preview came on July 11, revealing a photograph of what is presumed to be Lando’s outfits throughout the film. This raises several interesting points: This could be an indication that Lando is due to feature heavily in the film, taking on a substantial supporting role due to the variety of costumes seen here.

We already know from The Empire Strikes Back that there’s a long history between Lando and Han, so it’ll be interesting to see whether he features as a prominent supporting character — as suggested by the range of outfits — or a less substantial, cameo-esque role.

The other theory here is that this is an on-set photograph of Lando’s in-world wardrobe, with his personal collection of clothing. It’s less likely, as evidenced by the other rail of clothing on the left, which would suggest this is a costume room, but it’s worth bearing in mind. After all, there’s a lot of outfits here — it’s doubtful we’ll see Glover’s Lando in all of them.

This second image is more recent, but also gives us our first explicit look at Glover’s Lando. He appears to be wearing yellow overalls, very different from the blue attire he is best known for, which visually suggests that the Lando here isn’t the same as the man seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. This could signal a fresh but grounded take on the character. It’s a very small image on the monitor, so it’s hard to tell precisely what’s going on, but it’s a logical assumption to make that this takes places on the Millennium Falcon, meaning Lando will be a functioning member of the crew.

Lando also appears to be in a rather brooding, pensive pose, which makes sense considering the screenplay was written by Lawrence Kasdan, who also penned The Empire Strikes Back and more recently, The Force Awakens. This also correlates with the departure of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of 21 Jump Street fame, who left the project halfway through principal photography, citing creative differences. This image may explain why this situation arose: the shot above appears to be a rather dark scene that perhaps isn’t the direction in which Lord and Miller were taking the film.

This final image definitely requires some zooming in, but gives us another clear shot of Glover’s Lando. Once again in his yellow outfit it's safe to assume Lando is firmly a member of the Falcon’s crew, as he aids Han and Chewbacca in entering hyperspace. We know from previous films that Lando is capable of flying ships, so it’ll be interesting to see him co-pilot the Falcon (as his pose in this image would suggest).

This then begs the interesting question of Chewbacca’s role in proceedings. We know he’s in the film, but if Lando is functioning as co-pilot, where does that leave Chewie? This could potentially open an interesting conflict between the Falcon's crew over the hierarchy onboard — tension that would certainly explain Lando’s double-crossing ways.

Alternatively, it may suggest Han and Chewie's relationship in this film isn't as developed as in the original trilogy — maybe this is their first time meeting each other? The camera angle also appears to harken back to the cockpit shots of previous films, confirming that, like Rogue One, the film will be sticking firmly to the aesthetic of the original trilogy.

Aside from these small glimpses, very little is known about the Han Solo spin-off, not even its title. While hype grows stronger for December’s The Last Jedi, it’s likely we won’t hear too much about this in the near future, but from the glimpses of Lando we’ve seen here, May 2018 can’t come fast enough.

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