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There is no denying that Disney's upcoming Han Solo anthology film has been in the (star) wars of late, but after a rough week, is the Millennium Falcon finally back on track with a new captain at the helm? After the departure of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller for reportedly turning into some sort of laughing stock comedy, acclaimed director Ron Howard has stepped up to take over. With some last minute scrambling, and filming due to wrap within the next couple of weeks, there has definitely been a disturbance in the Force for our smuggler's standalone adventure.

Making It Sizzle

Thanks to Disney's CEO Bob Iger brushing off the notion that the film is doomed, and the recent rumors of a fan-favorite appearance, things are certainly on the up for Han fans. The rumor mill has been non-stop, but sources over at Star Wars Net have told us that we all need to cool our jets. Whether it has been a case of scaremongering, some very clever publicity, or just good ol' Hollywood melodrama, it looks like Han Solo has been given an unfair portrayal in the media. Apparently, some Disney bigwigs were shown a sizzle reel from the film and showed no signs of concern that everything is going tits-up:

Admittedly, we should probably handle SWNN's report with kid gloves, and there are still reports that Disney has had to bring in an acting coach for . Also, remember that a sizzle reel is only supposed to showcase the best shots to excite viewers, so there was never going to be a duff performance shown to the execs. That being said, let's not forget that Gareth Edwards's Rogue One was bogged down in a whole host of reshoots and a tweaked ending, but look how well that turned out.

If the sizzle reel really was a sizzling success, then it may explain why Iger doesn't seem too phased by the recent developments. Also, with Howard now firmly on board, the Lord and Miller days can probably be chalked up to just being a bit of a blip. As long as Howard sticks to the Kathleen Kennedy-approved vision for the film, everything could be OK. The story has already been signed off and shooting is nearly finished, while the general consensus seems to be that Lord and Miller tried to improvise too much.

At least Supreme Leader Kennedy had the foresight to intervene now before we ended up with another lackluster entry akin to the prequel series or the introduction of some Jar Jar Binks-esque character. However, sizzle reel or no sizzle reel, production will undoubtedly have been affected by the recent furor. Iger remained coy on whether Han Solo was slipping from its May 2018 release, but even doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, this one's going to be tight.


Is 'Han Solo' doomed to failure?


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