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Mark Newton

Hey, what do you know? Perhaps we will get a Jack Reacher sequel after all. Last month we reported that we were unlikely to see return as Lee Child's literary face-puncher. It seemed to all be a matter of economics, Jack Reacher just didn't make enough dough.

Given the modest budget of the action thriller, it was expected that a global gross revenue of $250 million would safeguard a Jack Reacher 2. No one was very optimistic that this target would be met; Jack Reacher received a pretty lukewarm reception in the US, gathering only $80 million. Luckily, it turns out everyone else in the world isn't as freaked out by Tom Cruise as we are. According to Den of Geek, the international market threw an additional $133 million into Paramount's pockets. Now, that only equals $213 million, but from the looks of things Paramount and Skydance have figured "Meh, that's close enough" and have announced they are now "figuring out the sequel".

Of course, all this talk could eventually lead to nothing. But, if the budget can be kept down, and Tom Cruise is happy to jump back on board, I think there's no real obstacles in Jack Reacher's way. Well, at least not any he can't incapacitate by punching in the knees.

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