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It's common recently for movies to become television series as viewers and networks clamor for more content. Recent shows like Taken and The Exorcist have found moderate success. The latest is assassin flick , now being developed into a TV series over at Amazon — which could be great news, because the original movie deserves a bigger following.

Hanna was helmed by Joe Wright — also known for directing Pride & Prejudice, The Soloist, Anna Karenina and the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive" — and it's probably his best film to date. The movie centers on a secluded young woman (Saoirse Ronan) whose ex-CIA officer father (Eric Bana) trained her in the art of kicking ass. When their secret hideout in the woods is blown 'cause her father knows too many government secrets, Hanna must go on the run, evading a senior CIA officer (Cate Blanchett) and discovering the world for the first time.

The film is action-packed and filled with great one-take visuals, and has a great score by the Chemical Brothers. Ronan and Bana churned out great action scenes. If you enjoyed Leon the Professional, then you'll probably dig Hanna as well — both have a young woman at the center of a heartfelt story, finding their way in an unfiltered, violent world. One is a trained assassin prepared for everything except normalcy, and the other wants to become one like her mentor.

That is why Hanna is the perfect film to become a TV series. But can the Amazon show do justice to the film?

Hanna Should Skip The Origin Story And Take After Fargo

Prequels are getting old — it's the go-to formula to revamp a franchise. Some are decent, but most are forgettable. Prequel show found footing on NBC, focusing on the early life of Bryan Mills, but it brought nothing new and interesting, especially when it left out what made the first movie work ... and that was Liam Neeson.

There is no way but to move forward with Hanna unless the showrunners have a great story that expands the original's horizon, like what has done in recent years, exploring new stories and new characters while keeping the aesthetics of the original film. Fargo is so out there that we forget that it takes advantage of its setting, making us forget about the prequel formula.

Follow Into The Badlands' Lead With Martial Arts

The best part about Hanna was the martial arts action, as a teenage assassin beat the crap out of bad guys. This needs to be the center of the series, if it wants to stand out from generic action shows. Hanna centered on fisticuffs over guns and explosions. With shows like holding its own with on the small screen, Hanna needs to step into the martial arts genre with an espionage twist.

Make The Show Good Enough That The Movie (Finally) Gets The Audience It Deserves

Hanna wasn't a huge hit when it was released in 2011, despite its posiitve reviews, only sweeping in $40 million domestically on a $30 million budget. Shows like Taken and The Exorcist have much bigger audiences built in, just from name recognition alone.

Hanna is a different story, and Amazon has the potential to reestablish the film with its adaptation. The show could bring new audiences to the original. With Amazon's powerhouse marketing, a strong female lead and an ass-kicking formula, the Hanna series could be a major hit — and if the quality is high enough, more viewers will find their way back to a great spy flick they missed in theaters. Let’s hope this show has a great showrunner behind it.

What do you think of Hanna being made into a TV series? Let me know in the comments below.


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