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This post contains spoilers for Designated Survivor Season 1.

As the twists and turns of heat up, it's all hands on deck for the actors and actresses who have the challenging roles of keeping viewers coming back for more. With the recent murder confession of the deputy director of the FBI, someone needs to ferret out the truth and prevent President Kirkman from making a colossal mistake. That person is Hannah Wells, played by Maggie Q.

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From the beginning, Hannah never believed the attack on the Capitol was as cut and dried as it seemed, and once her well-honed instincts told her not to trust Peter MacLeish, she latched onto him like a dog to a bone. Only eight episodes into the show, and she's been right on target with her suspicions — and with Director Atwood on lockdown, Hannah is the only person standing between MacLeish and the Oval Office.

Quite simply, Designated Survivor needs a gritty, determined FBI agent like Hannah Wells, and as the season continues, her purpose is only going to become clearer.

Someone needs to find Deputy Director Atwood's son, and now that Hannah knows why her boss confessed, she will do everything in her power to find that little boy. She's already shown how determined she is when it comes to discovering the truth, and now that she knows Atwood's son is in danger, she'll break out all the stops to find him.

Hannah is the only person, besides Atwood, who knows MacLeish is behind the Capitol bombing. She has to figure out a way to impart this information to President Kirkman without it blowing up in her face. Imagine being the only person standing between the good people of the United States and a murderer with eyes on the vice presidency.

With everyone believing Majid Nassar was behind the bombing, the United States may be lured into a false sense of security. Hannah is razor sharp when it comes to her job, and she'll be trying to bring down an unknown number of collaborators — I see her as the only one President Kirkman will eventually trust outside of his inner circle.

Hannah knows Atwood didn't kill Nassar, and it's going to be up to her to clear her boss's name. She'll have to go dark and deep to get to the truth, risking her own life.

If you've seen Maggie Q in shows like Nikita or Stalker, you already know how she takes on a role and makes it come to life. As a determined, headstrong FBI agent, she has embraced this role and adds an edge to the excitement taking place outside the White House.

While Maggie Q's role may seem insignificant at present, it's only a matter of time before all viewers will realize the absolute necessity for her character. In a world where no one can be trusted, Hannah Wells will have to earn President Kirkman's trust, bring down what might be an entire network of evil, save a child, and free an innocent man from prison. I think she's up to the job. Do you?


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