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When the news was announced we'd never get a Season 4 of Hannibal, fans were crushed. Don't do that to us, NBC, we need more fine dining... Check out all the latest news, rumors and juicy tidbits about Hannibal season 4 to keep the hungry fannibals at bay...

Hannibal Season 4 News & Rumors

Of course, there are Hannibal season 4 news & rumors swirling around, as fans refuse to give up hope that we'll see more of our gourmet horror show.

Star Hugh Dancy told Collider that we may not have seen the last of Will Graham or Mad Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter:

“Bryan [Fuller] pitched it to me … well, he, described to me in an overview with what he wanted to do with the 4th season, had there been an interest, and it was really fantastic.

It was a complete restart, without describing it — because who knows, God knows, maybe some way we may be able to do it in the future — but it took us back to the first season in a very unexpected way, and made total sense of that cliffhanger ending; it seemed justified.

It was born out of a part of one of the books so it was still coming out of that universe, but it wasn’t the Clarice / ‘Silence of the Lambs’ storyline.”

Crawford comes to the rescue in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]
Crawford comes to the rescue in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]

Hannibal Season 4 Premiere Date

While no Hannibal season 4 premiere date is set, showrunner Bryan Fuller said that he could start planning season 4 by August 2017. While promoting his Hulu show The Path, star Hugh Dancy said that we could be looking at a long wait for more Hannibal:

"Frankly, given the story he described, and the way we ended Season 3, it could happen in five years time.

I love Bryan. I love the storyline that he outlined for me, if there had been a Season 4 — whether it be on television or some other format, I don't know. I think if Mads, Bryan and myself could all be available — I can't fully speak for Mads — but it could happen."

Hannibal Season 4 Trailer

A Hannibal season 4 trailer is a long way off, so here's a nice soothing clip of Mads Mikkelsen spitting some mad Dante.

Hannibal Season 4 Cast

The cast of 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]
The cast of 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]

The Hannibal Season 4 cast is still up in the air, though Hugh Dancy also asserted that, despite their current shooting schedules, 'all of us would happily come back in the future,' possibly in the form of a movie:

"I think we’d all be happy to return in some capacity, and the idea of a movie is really interesting. Obviously, one of the things that we did with the show, that Bryan did really, was very languorous, very image-rich storytelling, so how to fit that into a movie, I’m not sure. But the version of the season he described to me … I just know I’d like for it to happen."

The current roster of cast members fans would like to see return include:

  • Hugh Dancy (Will Graham)
  • Mads Mikkelsen (Dr Hannibal Lecter)
  • Caroline Dhavernas (Dr. Alana Bloom)
  • Laurence Fishburne (Special Agent Jack Crawford)
  • Gillian Anderson (Dr Bedelia Du Maurier)
  • Scott Thompson (Jimmy Price)
  • Aaron Abrams Brian Zeller)

Excitingly, Bloody Disgusting notes that Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller's dream casting for a new Clarice Starling would be Ellen Page! Now THIS I would be very, very down for... what do you guys think?

Hannibal Season 4 Characters

Hannibal and the exquisite Bedelia Du Maurier in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]
Hannibal and the exquisite Bedelia Du Maurier in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]

While it'd be cool to see Clarice Starling pop up, the Hannibal Season 4 characters are, as yet, unconfirmed. We'd love to see our main characters return:

Will Graham

  • Played by Hugh Dancy

A serial killer hunter, Graham uses his unique gift of visualization to get inside the mind of a killer and solve crimes. His powers of deduction take a toll on his emotional health; a weakness that Lecter loves to use to his advantage.

Dr Hannibal Lecter

  • Played by Mads Mikkelsen

Psychiatrist, gourmand, thinker, cannibal, killer: there is no fine art, whether socially acceptable or otherwise, that the formidable Hannibal Lecter has not conquered. If he wasn't a psychopath, he'd be a rather pleasant dinner guest.

Dr. Alana Bloom

  • Played by Caroline Dhavernas

Bloom, an FBI profiling consultant and psychiatry professor, is currently locked ina bizarre love triangle between Graham and Lecter.

Special Agent Jack Crawford

  • Played by Laurence Fishburne

Graham's long-suffering boss, Crawford is the warm, moral heart of the team, splitting his time between working as the FBI's head of Behavioral Sciences and tracking down serial killers.

Dr Bedelia Du Maurier

  • Played by Gillian Anderson

She's brilliant, but is she trustworthy? Lecter's psychotherapist, who formed a deep bond with him after she was attacked by one of Lecter's old patients.

Watch Hannibal Season 4 Online

When it's finally possible to watch Hannibal season 4 online, it's likely that the show will continue to air on NBC.


Do you think we'll ever see a fourth season of 'Hannibal'?

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