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As all fans know, the gateway to crazy fan theories surrounding Elsa, Anna and Hans is a permanently open door and sometimes it's just easier to let it go. We've driven ourselves mad wondering whether Elsa is gay, if Anna and Elsa are the sisters of Tarzan, or even Quasimodo and if they are actually sisters at all — but now, for the first time in forever, a new theory has emerged that is finally worth agonizing over.

We all know that Hans's turn to the darkside was sudden and largely unexpected. Whether that was because he truly was a wicked mastermind, neglected as a child or perhaps turned evil under the manipulative spell of the trolls is all debatable — but what if he was actually forced to travel to Arendelle by his family to ascend the throne, and all of the Arendelle advisors and staff were in on it?

How Was Hans Able To Get So Much Power So Quickly?

Frozen [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]
Frozen [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]

As Redditor Cheeseanonioncrisps points out, one of the strangest things about 's Frozen is that Hans is able to take full control of Arendelle in relatively no time. He goes from simply visiting the Kingdom to taking it over, throwing Elsa in prison, telling everyone Anna is dead and attempting to kill Elsa all within a shockingly short space of time.

Anna Giving Hans The Power To Rule Arendelle Wasn't Actually Binding

While Anna may have left Hans "in charge" of the kingdom in her absence, there's the small issue that firstly she wasn't of age and secondly she was never in charge to begin with, and therefore is actually entirely unable able to transfer the power she didn't have to Hans.

However, no one raises an objection to Hans's quick ascension as ruler of Arendelle and that's because:

All Of Arendelle's Advisors Were Plotting To Give Hans The Throne Anyway

Consider this. If the plan to give Hans the throne was not an inside job how did he manage to get away with the following:

  • Gaining unlimited powers immediately.
  • Inspiring no backup plan for if Anna or Elsa returned to the Kingdom.
  • Being able to arrest Elsa.
  • Telling the advisors that Anna has died, with none of them actually going to check on her body.

And Here's Why The Advisors Wanted Hans To Take The Throne

Due to the fact that Elsa's parents died three years before she was able to become Queen, coupled with the fact that she has a terrible habit of turning everything around her into ice, has lived in near total isolation since she was a child and, likewise, Anna has been condemned to grow up within the confines of the castle — it's safe to say that neither of the sisters know very much about ruling.

Consequently, the advisors that have been ruling in Elsa's stead started looking for alternative options for the future of Arendelle, and they found the answer in Hans.

And His Family Were In On It Too

Frozen [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]
Frozen [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]

And that's not all. Not only were Elsa and Anna's advisors plotting against them, but Hans was actually being groomed for this plot since his birth. This becomes clearer after you take the following into account:

  • His full name is "Prince Hans of the Southern Isles." Note that it is "Isles" plural, indicating that his family actually own a great deal of territory and therefore know a great deal about acquiring new land and colonizing it.
  • Hans is surprisingly great a ruling considering he's never done it before. Since taking over Arendelle he manages to get the whole kingdom organized even though he's the 13th in line — why would his parents spend time teaching him how to rule if it wasn't part of an elaborate plan for him to gain great power in the future?
  • The advisors immediately support him. Just think about that moment the Duke of Weaseltown begins an argument with him and the Arendelle guards immediately shelter him with their spears.


Do you think Hans' evil plan was an inside job?


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