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Now, of all the many reasons that music-lovers (and determined partiers) head to Coachella each year, it's unlikely that a love of movie scores is high up the list. The chance to watch Kendrick Lamar, or to catch a fleeting glimpse of Radiohead, sure. The ability to party into the wee hours while dancing to an internationally acclaimed DJ of some sort, absolutely. The possibility of seeing a classical composer bring their original movie soundtrack work to life? For the most part, not so much.

And yet, if you were at this year's festival, there's a pretty solid chance that (if you weren't already camped out to catch Lorde) you caught at least some of 's set, in which the composer rocked out with fans to an eclectic mix of some of his most iconic musical work, including a lengthy section dedicated to . And, because the internet is still a thing:

You Can Now Watch Hans Zimmer's 'The Dark Knight'-Themed Coachella Set Online

Or, at least, you can absolutely watch the Dark Knight-themed section of the set, which Coachella itself has handily posted online for us all to marvel at.

Which, with the section of the set including some surprising Zimmer guitar shredding, a full-on crowd chant and a whole host of surprisingly recognizable musical cues, is actually pretty easy to do.

Whether or not next year's Coachella can top that, of course (paging John Williams), very much remains to be seen.

What do you think, though? Would you have liked to have seen Hans Zimmer rock out live on stage? Let us know below!


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