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Dania Lerman

On January 23rd, 1983, 31 years ago today, the A-Team entered our world with a bang (well, lots of bangs). Bursting at their seams with action, adventure and all sorts of cowboy smooth talk, when we asked for 100%, the A-Team gave us 112.

I don't know about you, but I think it's high time we show some love for the show that spat in the face of "less is more", and gave us permission to go big or go home.

Here are 10 times the A-Team gave us everything they had and more:

1) Think you know how to kick? Think again:

I bet you've never kicked a guy across a room and through a window.

2) Anyone can flex their muscles...but Mr. T. rocks the bling.

And the belt. Don't forget the belt.

3) Anything is a weapon in the hands of Mr. T. Even a watermelon.

Uh...something funny? Yeah, didn't think so.

4) Why stop at running bad guys off the road, when you can send them airborne and somersaulting?

I mean...why else would you hire the the A-Team?

5) Run away? Oh please. These guys float away. hot air baloons they whipped up from duct tape and garbage bags. Nbd.

6) ...and/or swim away. After jumping overboard into the ocean. In completely perfect sync.

Well, if you're gonna drown, better do it in style, right?

7) If they need to punch someone, they do it with a smile on their face.

I mean...happiness is the key to success, after all...

8) Don't like to punch? No problem! Throw some grenades!

See? It's fun!

9) Using fire is always a solid plan when moving targets are, always.

Just ask Murdock.

10) Basically, no one knows what they want - and how to get it - like the A-Team do.

Happy Birthday, A-Team! Thanks for the wild, wild ride.


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