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Dania Lerman

My favorite (cough sexiest) werewolf turns 20 today! And by that I mean Booboo Stewart (who, by the way, I'm aware is not Jacob). In honor of his birthday, here are 11 things you probably never knew about him. Enjoy!

1) Booboo is Japanese, Chinese, and Korean on his mother's side, and Blackfoot, Russian, and Scottish on his father's...which, I suppose, explains the killer complexion.

2) Before his days of shape-shifting and supernatural combat, Booboo worked his muscles as a stuntman in Zoom and Beowulf.

3) ...which might have something to do with him being a REAL LIFE NINJA! He was inducted into the Junior Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004.

4) Beyond being incredibly fit, Booboo is also an accomplished singer, and toured with Miley Cyrus in the age of twerk-less Hannah Montana.

5) ...and the Jonas Brothers.

6) He's the voice of the 2008 Disney Games theme song:


7) ...which he performed live, and showed the world he can dance:

8) Here he is in a Danimals commercial:

9) ...and on a billboard for Wii Fit:

10) He was in a band called "Echoes of Angels", and toured with his three sisters Maegan, Fivel and Sage, who were known as "TSC" (The Stewart Clan).

11) And last but not least, he's a really nice person - In January 2008, had a birthday party at the Gibson showroom and invited all his fans.

Happy Birthday Booboo! Here's to you!


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