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Dania Lerman

They had us at the pilot. 17 years later, the Scoobs are no less the brave, sassy and adorable but BADASS crew that instantly grabbed us by the soul and never let go. Here are 10 reasons our hearts were always and forever stolen by by its first 40 minutes:

1) When we we're introduced to the badass but somehow innocent and charming creation that is Buffy and are immediately enamored...

2) That time Xander was too. Who's awkward and and adorable but still kind of...smooth? ...and totally steals our heart.

3) That time we just couldn't blame him...

4) When Buffy meets her future dark horse of a star-crossed lover:

5) That time he was totally...

6) That time Buffy meets her future BFF who opens up about some dating qualms:

7) And when Buffy first shows Giles some sass by expertly identifying a vamp:

8) That time that it became obvious that whether she likes it or not, Giles is the good Dad she never had...

9) That time we met the queen bee and just knew her redemption was right around the corner:

10) When we watch Buffy slay a vamp for the first time and it's totally nbd:

11) ...but then that time that an unexpected turn of events...

leaves us with this and we're hooked forever.--

Here's to 17 years of Buffy, and the episode that started it all.


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