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Dania Lerman

Today is Christian Bale's birthday! We all know Christian as the brave Caped Crusader who brought the Dark Knight to life like never before.

But turns out Christian's capacity for heroism extends well beyond the screen, and what better day to honor his warm acts of kindness than today?

So, here are five times Christian was a real-life Batman:

1) He flew a 4-year-old leukemia patient and his family out to California for lunch at Disneyland's Club 33:

"He and his family were so awesome and down to earth!!!"

-The Child's Mother

2) He called an 8-year-old leukemia patient to talk about Batman:


"And I have my own little Batmobile...made it out of cardboard!"

...clearly, the boy was a serious Batman fan. To say his day was made would be an understatement.

3) He adopted two stray dogs and three stray cats.

And by "adopt", I mean they literally live in his LA mansion.

4) He visited victims of The Dark Knight Rises shooting in Colorado:

"I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them."


5) Last but not least, he's an active environmentalist/humanitarian and regularly supports the following charities:

When asked about his passion for non-profit work, this was his response:

Happy Birthday Christian! Here's to you!


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