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has definitely experienced a few highs and lows this year. But, whatever has happened is in the past, she's back on track with and she's come out a stronger woman because of it. She's ready to take on being 23, but most importantly she's got the whole Twilight saga behind her!

Happy Birthday K-Stew! Here are your best Twilight moments...

Twilight's prom is a scene that I always look at and start crying. I'm not a bit embarrassed about it!

THAT moment. It nice to see Bella and Edward reunite at the end of New Moon. We all felt her loss when he said he wanted to end, so this brought sweet, sweet relief.

Bella wins. AMEN!

It still hasn't got old. Our hearts melt at Edward's expression as he sees Bella walk down the aisle.

Bella tackles a mountain lion. If that doesn't rev your engine, I don't know what will...

What's your favorite Bella Swan moment? Whatever it is - from the steamiest scene to the wild real-life romance - let us know in the comment section below!


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