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Horror has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts over the last few years. What could have been described as a niche genre is now a staple of popular culture, with indies like Get Out, Don't Breathe and The Witch proving that horror can be smart and creepy; while big budget horror like It, Annabelle: Creation and Split are rivaling Hollywood's more predictable blockbusters.

Having said this, the slasher genre has had somewhat of a lull in popular horror, especially when we look back to the early '00s during the era of , The Hills Have Eyes and Hostel. It's the genre that gave us Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, but today the slasher genre is seen limping towards a profit with blasé sequels like See No Evil 2.

Productions also seem to be keeping the genre just about alive with hits like The Purge and The Belko Experiment. And now the production company can add another win to their list of low-budget masterpieces in Happy Death Day, which swept up the box office with a huge $26.5 million opening weekend.

Starring Jessica Rothe, the movie follows college student Tree who is murdered by a creepy masked killer during her birthday party. Fortunately for Tree, she wakes up at the start of her birth/death day only to relive the horror all over again... and again... and again, each time being killed in new and creative ways while she tries to figure out who her murderer is.

Made on a reported budget of $4.8 million and directed by Christopher B. Landon (Paranormal Activity 2), has already scored big with audiences over the Halloween period, and has received generally positive reviews. Even more inexplicable, the movie overtook Bladerunner 2049 to pinch the top spot at the box office. Yes, you heard me right!

There are few factors that have contributed to the movie's success. The timely combo of the Halloween period plus extra boost of a Friday the 13th weekend saw horror freaks piling into theaters. Secondly, the movie's PG-13 rating has meant younger audiences have been able to enjoy a little pre-Halloween terror too.

With preemptive buzz around the upcoming Saw reboot Jigsaw, the revival of the Halloween franchise plus Happy Death Day's incredible box office might hail a change in the tide for the slasher genre — which is no bad thing for fans of a little gore.

What slasher movie will you be watching this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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