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Are you ready to be made slightly uncomfortable by your younger cousin's Instagram feed, while simultaneously being surrounded by a whole host of drunk people dressed up as characters from a movie most people didn't really seem to like? If not, then it sounds as though Halloween might just prove to be a tough time for you this year. Y'see, the National Retail Federation Foundation has just released the findings of its annual survey of likely Halloween costumes, and the results suggest something certain to send a shiver down countless spines:

Harley Quinn And The Joker Are Taking Over Halloween 2016

Specifically, the duo are (along with the Dark Knight himself) apparently set to make up a whopping-great nine percent of Halloween costumes this October 31, something that will presumably please Warner Bros.' merchandising department far more than it will anyone who'd prefer not to be surrounded by hundreds of people dressed up as two of popular culture's most unhinged murderers.

While it's ultimately fantastic that so many people love comic book characters enough to want to dress up as them at Halloween, there's something a little fundamentally unnerving about a crowd full of people dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Add in the fact that young girls are reportedly purchasing very adult adult-sized Harley Quinn costumes (sexual objectification sold separately), and a mild controversy over the skin-tone-selling of the Joker's white-hued costume, and you have yourself a recipe for Halloween-themed awkwardness right across the country.

Not pictured: A healthy relationship. [Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]
Not pictured: A healthy relationship. [Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]

The biggest problem of all — and one that seems pertinent whether you loved Suicide Squad or not? Halloween kind of sucks when every other person is wearing the same costume as you. Sure, it's fun to turn up to a party to find that someone else thought to dress up as zombie Mal Reynolds or that Elizabeth Warren/Wonder Woman mashup you've been dreaming of since February, but realizing that there are 19 other Jokers at the party? That's not Halloween, that's Comic-Con. In your friend's slightly funny-smelling basement. With no Stan Lee.

And honestly, who wants that?

Speaking of Comic-Con, guess how much money stars make from appearing at conventions? A Clue: It's more money than a lot of us make in a decade. Except for these guys, obviously:

What do you reckon? Are you on board with everyone dressing up as the Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween this year? Let us know below!

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