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Harley Quinn's status as a DC Comics icon began when she was created for the classic Batman: The Animated Series. Now, it looks as though Daddy's Lil Monster is returning to her animated roots. Warner Bros. has commissioned a 26-episode series of half-hour long animated adventures, focusing on the kind of risque humor that made Deadpool a hit for Fox. It's being developed by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey, the trio who brought you Powerless.

The series is the latest addition to DC's upcoming digital platform, and — most exciting of all — it sounds as though Margot Robbie herself is considering voicing the part. Deadline reports that it focuses in on Harley after she's finally broken things off with the Joker, and sees her launch an attempt to become the new Queenpin of Crime.

Exploring Harley Quinn's World — With A Healthy Dose Of Poison (Ivy)

Concept art for the series. [Credit: Warner Bros. / DC]
Concept art for the series. [Credit: Warner Bros. / DC]

Harley Quinn's popularity has been growing and growing over the past decade. By October last year, DC's co-publisher Jim Lee was describing Harley as the company's "fourth pillar," alongside the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Up till now, most animated portrayals of the character have focused on her relationship with the Joker, one that's far behind her in the comics. The comics portrayed the Joker's abuse far more vividly than the animated shows, leaving many comic book fans frustrated with the diabolical duo's strange portrayal in last year's Suicide Squad.

It's clear that this animated series is set in a post-Joker world, though, one in which Harley has finally stepped out of the Joker's shadow. Excitingly, fans will be particularly excited to hear that the character of Poison Ivy is confirmed. The two women have a strong history together, teaming up in the Batman animated series before Harley even made her way into the comics. The last few years have actually seen Harley and the Joker become one of DC's most prominent lesbian couples.

If Deadline's report is accurate, then the Harley Quinn series will be a raunchy, adult-aimed comedy like nothing DC has made before. It's set to feature a cast of heroes and villains straight from the Gotham side of the DC universe, and is sure to be a real fan-favorite.

Getting Robbie aboard would be a real triumph for . Suicide Squad was heavily criticized, by fans and critics alike, but Robbie's portrayal of Harley easily made her the breakout star. Warner Bros. know they're on to a winner with Robbie, and this would be the perfect way for her to continue her career as she prepares to reprise the role in Gotham City Sirens.

So rejoice, Harley Quinn fans — DC knows how much you love ol' Harley, and now they're eager to give you a chance to see her in all her animated glory! It's so very fitting for Harley Quinn to return to her roots, and this series is sure to be a real fan-favorite.

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[Source: Deadline]


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