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As 2016 is coming to an end, we're thinking about the past year's standout movie moments — and just can't forget how amazing of a performance gave us with Harley Quinn in . Generations of fans wanted to see Harley on the big screen, and despite the monumental task of fulfilling those expectations, Robbie so delivered the goods.

Harley is easily one of DC's most interesting characters (and the most popular just outside of the Trinity) due to her penchant for being quite vexing. So, with news of Robbie's upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie, let's take a look at several characters we'd love to see Ms. Quinn battle in that movie and future DCEU outings.

1. The Joker

Harley Quinn has one of the most tragic backstories in all of comics — and it's all because of the Joker. Suicide Squad made you believe that everything was knives and baby clothes with these two, but a deeper look proves it was far from a healthy relationship.

I think we all want to see Harley smashing Joker's teeth out once more with her mallet, right? After she had time to come to grips with how he's really treated her.

2. Amanda Waller

The Wall is one of the scariest (and worst) human beings on the planet. Don't let Amanda Waller's non-metahuman stature fool you; she can hold her own in a fight. Remember, Harley just escaped Belle Reeve — how awesome would it be for Harley to show up at The Wall's house for some payback for messing with her friends on Task Force X?

3. Nightwing

Yes, I know he's not technically in the DCEU yet, but there's no way Geoff Johns will not include the first Boy Wonder in the near future. Harley Quinn killed Robin, but most fans believe it was Jason Todd, not Dick Grayson. Therefore, with a newly jailbroken Harley, it's time for Dick to avenge his predecessor and try to bring her back in.

4. Deadshot

C'mon, you knew this was going to be on this list! Harley and Floyd Lawton developed such a strong bond in the DCEU's latest movie; Floyd gave up everything when he chose not to kill her on Amanda Waller's behalf. One could see something happening in the near future between these two antiheroes. Basically, they could argue about the merits of a certain mission, and very easily end up in fisticuffs.

5. Catwoman

They'll most likely fight in the the upcoming Gotham City Sirens — it has now become mandatory for protagonists to fight upon first meeting each other! Sure, they'll be teammates by the end, but this battle will be a treat for all to see on the big screen!

6. Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey/DC Comics
Birds of Prey/DC Comics

Honestly, I'd rather see a team-up between DC's most prominent female teams instead of a fight. Still, one group is comprised of heroes (Batgirl/Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress) and the other of villains, so this could be an amazing battle — even though, in the end, they'd both choose to save Gotham.

Of course, Harley already fought Batman in Suicide Squad, which is the sole reason why he's not on this list. I know, we all are dying to see a rematch. With Harley's skyrocketing popularity, we probably won't have to wait forever

Who do you want to see Harley Quinn fight in the DCEU?


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