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(Note: This article contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #13.)

The "Joker Loves Harley" arc has reached its end. We were introduced to a gentle Clown Prince of Crime who tried everything to win Harley back, but she never gave in.

Back in her New 52 series, Harley made a promise to the that if she saw or heard from him again, she would end him for good. In Harley Quinn #13, we finally discover who the reformed Joker is, and if Harley keeps her menacing promise.

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Harley Demands An Answer

The issue begins in Joker's dreamland of love, marriage, and children. Fans know that the real Joker would never have such thoughts, so clearly, something is off. Harley senses that too, and resorts to torturing him until she receives an answer. This is by far the most violent we've seen of her character yet.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Harley tells Joker that while cleaning the bloody mess from Issue #12, she noticed he did not have the same scars that her Joker did. To hopefully convince Harley to end her threats and torture, he promises to tell her everything. Harley and her friends gather with a bucket of popcorn in hand, ready to hear his twisted story.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

So, Who Exactly Is This Joker?

The reformed Joker takes us back to a New 52 story that you may have forgotten about until now:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

While Edwin became the foreman of a mailroom, he was able to track down the real Joker. He wrote to him about his adoration for her, hoping that Joker would help him romance Harley. He taught Edwin all his mannerisms and tricks, even convincing him to undergo surgery and bleach his skin.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

His final attempt to win her over was showing up at Coney Island to prove himself, but he failed. This is another "mad love" story gone wrong. She doesn't owe Edwin anything, especially after this charade. Harley does care for others, and would have fulfilled her promise to visit him when she got the chance. But is it too late?

The Queen Of Gotham Makes Her Move

Harley is too smart and strong to fall for either of these two Jokers' tricks. She knows that her ex-boyfriend only wants to get back at her, and she's had enough. Harley proves that she's ruthless once again, and ends the new Joker once and for all:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Harley certainly wasn't proud of the act though, and wanted every trace of it left in the past.

Final Thoughts

This issue kept me on the edge of my seat. Harley's Joker was in this story all along. Even if he wasn't physically present, he still made her life a living hell.

This is a new era for Harley acting on her desire for revenge and I'm not surprised that she fulfilled her long-awaited goal. I believe that she has a lot of repressed aggression and killing Edwin was, in her eyes, the only way she could really let that out.

In the future, we could see Harley return to being a full-time villain, rather the anti-hero she's become. As always, I'm looking forward to the character's forthcoming, wild adventures (hopefully, without Joker) that are in-store.

Harley Quinn #13 is available at a comic store near you.

What are your thoughts on Harley Quinn #13? Do you think Harley made the right decision by killing the reformed Joker?


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