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This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

The third season of has been furthering its Batman mythology in some pretty big ways with the arrival of the Mad Hatter, the rebirth of Poision Ivy and the introduction of the Executioner. The superhero prequel series went on hiatus in January after the shocking winter season finale saw Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska terrorize the city as Bruce began his transformation into .

Gotham is set to return on April 24th and if we are to believe the words of Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean on the hit Fox series, we could be in for the arrival of one of the biggest Batman characters yet.

In a new interview from WonderCon, released by DC Entertainment, Richards had this to say:

"Barbara's character arc for the back half of the season is pretty phenomenal. It gets to a point where her need for power gets a little out of control and that causes a huge rift between her and Tabitha with, like, quite dire consequences and then we have a massive character reveal at the end."

In the past, many of us have wondered if Barbara Kean is destined to become Gotham's version of Harley Quinn — and with these words from Richards, it looks like this theory could become a reality before the conclusion of Season 3.

Is Barbara Set To Become 'Harley Kean' In Gotham Season 3?

[Credit: FOX]
[Credit: FOX]

Barbara has been with Gotham since the very beginning. Initially in a relationship with the show's protagonist Jim Gordon, comic book fans thought that the character was destined to marry Jim and become the mother of the more famous Barbara Gordon — a.k.a. Batgirl. However, somewhere along the line, the writers of Gotham took the show in a completely different direction, deviating from the original comic source material and, instead, developing their own, original, new Batman universe.

Barbara went off the rails, ended up in Arkham and became one of the most pyschotic characters on the show. The prospect of Babs becoming Harley may sound somewhat ludicrous to diehard comic fans, but the character's current state of mind makes it an entirely plausible possibility.

With her newfound madness, Barbara could end up becoming the Joker's better half, and with all of the source material deviations that Gotham has made over the years, this theory stands a huge chance of becoming a reality.

Gotham Executive Producer Practically Confirmed It

Margot Robbie as Quinn in 'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bors]
Margot Robbie as Quinn in 'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bors]

Gotham's executive producer John Stephens previously suggested that we may see Harley Quinn in the Season 3 finale, assuring us that the Batman character would be a central storyline point in Season 4.

"We might see [her] in Episode 22."

With Richards hinting that Barbara will undergo this character transformation by the end of the season and Stephens' suggesting that we'll see Quinn in the finale, it's looking more and more likely that Babs is actually set to become Harley Quinn.

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Will Barbara And Jerome Team Up To Become Gotham's Version Of The Joker And Harley?

[Credit: FOX]
[Credit: FOX]

Another reason why Barbara could become Harley Quinn is the fact that she has already teamed up with Gotham's version of the Joker, Jerome Valeska. The pair terrorized the city for several episodes in Season 2 as part of the Maniax crew, kidnapping and threatening Bruce Wayne. With Jerome's resurrection in Season 3, it's entirely possible that we have not seen the last of this deadly dynamic duo.

In fact, if Barbara's relationship with Tabitha is on the rocks like Richards says, then she may be in need of a new partner — and who better than the Clown Prince Of Crime? With all of the power that she currently possesses, what's stopping Babs from breaking her former accomplice out of Arkham to terrorize the streets of Gotham once more? That's a deadly team-up that we'd all love to see!

[Credit: Gotham]
[Credit: Gotham]

No matter what happens, there will definitely be a huge revelation for Barbara, but with all of the speculation surrounding her potential transformation into Harley Quinn — not to mention Richards' excellent portrayal of the character — it's pretty safe to say that we'd all be delighted if this theory comes to fruition.

Gotham returns to FOX Monday, April 24th.


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