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The recent release of the Extended Cut has brought to light a lot of darker areas of the film, but still has left many confused about the reasoning for the scenes being cut in the first place. Then it dawned on me. After watching through all of the extended scenes of the film, each scene usually contained Harley Quinn. Yes, she is a main character so of course she will be in a lot of the cut scenes, but that's not the point. The point is that the scenes might have actually taken her from being a main character to the main character. Here's what I mean:

Harley/Joker Chase Scene

In the scenes above we get to see more of the conversation that took place between Harley and The Joker during his escape from Arkham. Mostly, the scene gives us a clearer idea of what torture The Joker actually performed on her (still very little was depicted). The more important scene however is where Harley appears to be chasing The Joker. Many fans to up to this point would assume that it was Harley who was being chased by The Joker, but that proved to not be the case. The scene plays into the film as another one of Harley's emotional flashbacks. I mean, the scene carries some seriously heavy emotional weight considering Harley is chasing down The Joker because she loves him. All she wants from him is acceptance and love in return for her faithfulness to his demands. Meanwhile, The Joker tries to play the whole incident off like a boyfriend who doesn't want to commit to a full-on relationship. Harley evens shoots a guy just to prove that she is all-in for him, but The Joker remains unimpressed. That's when Harley delivers a devastatingly powerful line while holding a gun to The Joker's head:

"A heart scares you and a gun doesn't?"

That could have easily been the most powerful line in if it had been kept in. That said, it was not kept in because it opened up a big door for Harley Quinn's storyline. If the line was included, the film would have instantly become very close to being a Harley Quinn film. Let's look at some further evidence, shall we?

Harley Gets In To The Minds Of Fellow SKAWD Members

Harley seems to put her psychologist skills to the test on her fellow members in a lot of the Extended Cut scenes. First, she implants the idea to try to start a rebellion against their higher-ups (Rick Flag, Amanda Waller, etc.), and then she has some fun too. In the scene above, Harley goes around asking members of the Suicide Squad questions about themselves whether they like it or not. She actually manages to get Killer Croc to somewhat snap and gets Katana to take off her mask. Deadshot finally has to pull Harley aside to breakup the psychological chaos being put upon them. That said, Harley still manages to even throw Deadshot for a loop before the clip ends.

Personally, I think this scene was a brilliant depiction of Harley exercising her natural abilities. Giving her this scene would have established her as more of figure to be respected and not just a crazy person. This once again brings me to say that the scenes may have been left out for the very reason that they gave Harley almost too much respect as a character. Possibly, the filmmakers were concerned with her seeming like the team leader as compared to Deadshot? I mean, it's no secret that in the film we saw in theaters that Deadshot was the solid leader of the team — maybe that's why these scenes got the snub?

Final Thoughts

I personally believed that the filmmakers were afraid of making Harley the main character of the film and the leader of the team. If the cut scenes would have made it in the actual film Harley would've had a considerably more backstory compared to the other members (sorry, Slipknot). Perhaps they were worried that fans would feel as if the film revolved too much around Harley and not the Squad in general. Either way, I think the scenes should've stayed in the final product because even though they contained a risk they were still important scenes to have. Hopefully . will get on top of the whole Extended Cut problem and just leave scenes in and take a chance They have have some great material to work with; it's just a matter of time before they hit the nail on the head!

What do you think? Was Harley Quinn the reason behind the cut scenes? Let me know in the comments down below!


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