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The vast world of DC Comics isn't exactly short of brilliant female characters. For every sociopathic bad girl like Harley Quinn, there's a feminist vigilante like Black Canary. For every badass hacker and spy like Barbara Gordon, there's an eco-terrorist in a bikini made of leaves and vines — Poison Ivy, I see ya.

What do those four women have in common? Some are heroes, some villains and some a little bit of both, but all have a damn good chance of coming to life in the DCEU far sooner than you might think — that's because the Harley Quinn solo movie the studio greenlit after Suicide Squad has now become an all-female superhero team-up apparently based on Birds Of Prey.

TheWrap is reporting that screenwriter Christina Hodson, who is also scripting Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, has begun work on the script for Birds Of Prey. The most exciting part? The script will feature "multiple female heroes and villains". In other words, audiences might finally get to see a decent DC villainess who isn't Catwoman wreak some havoc in Gotham.

Poison Ivy's unique moral code. (DC Comics)
Poison Ivy's unique moral code. (DC Comics)

Anyone who reads Harley Quinn comics, particularly over the last few years, will know that while her iconic origin story binds her to the Joker, her most exciting connection is her ambiguous relationship with Poison Ivy. Both women straddle the line between good and bad — when they're not speaking in deliciously filthy innuendo.

Although the nature of their relationship has been and remains open to debate, the occasional panel — like this one from Harley Quinn And Power Girl — visualizes things in a way that leaves little to the imagination...

(DC Comics)
(DC Comics)

Would we really see Harley Quinn go gay if DC do bring Pamela Isley to the DCEU? Probably not — she clearly has unfinished business with the Joker, and the Chinese censors would probably freak out about audiences there catching the gay bug — but their chemistry as friends and good-girls-gone-bad, sexual element aside, could make for a pretty electric Birds of Prey movie. I mean, can you imagine the cosplay?

Whatever happens, don't expect Birds Of Prey before 2019 at the earliest.

Who would you cast as Poison Ivy in the DCEU?

(Source: TheWrap)


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