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While last year's shambles that was Suicide Squad may have been a bit of a hand buzzer to the planned Harley Quinn solo film, the idea of the newly announced Gotham City Sirens instead opens up a whole world of feminine ferociousness. was clearly a standout of , but just imagine the carnage she could cause on a girl's night out and all the butchery from the limited-run . Moving from page to screen, obviously Robbie will reprise her role as the Maid of Mischief, while names like Megan Fox and Mila Kunis have been thrown into the mix to play Harley's playmates Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Well, there is one little lady that will be more than psyched that Dr. Quinzel is back for another dose of her medicine on our screens. 17-year-old Harley Quinn Smith (you can see where she got the name from) is more than a little vocal on who should play a young Harley if the chance should arise in the .

What's In A Name?

It may only be her name, but when you have grown up as a homage to a supervillain it is something you have to live with, and you have to hand it to Smith that she at least looks the part. In a recent interview, Smith said that she spoke to her agent pretty much as soon as the credits rolled to get across the point that she should be the one to play a young Quinn:

"Before they even mentioned that she was going to make a spinoff, I talked to my agent and I was like honestly, I know this isn't even a project yet, but I just want you to know that when the day comes that they do start putting this into production I need you to make sure, if there is a young Harley Quinn role, that no one other than Harley Quinn plays that role."

You can already see how well-cast the young versions of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are over on Fox's Gotham, so if we were to see teeny terrors on Sirens, they would need to look like their older selves; however, it is pointless sticking in a young Harley just for the sake of it.

We all know that Quinn's turn to Mr. J came at the Joker's hands when she fell for her own patient as an adult, but by all accounts was functioning as a normal member of society before that. Secondly, sharing a name doesn't give you an automatic right to a part. You don't see me playing a young Tom Cruise, converting to Scientology and hanging out the side of planes for another Mission Impossible movie.

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The Right Girl For The Job?

As the the daughter of the notorious uber-geek Kevin Smith, Harley seems to have an affinity with the DC, and her debut came when father cast her in the January 2017 episode of Supergirl, "Supergirl Lives." It may only have been as a civilian, but Smith definitely has that go-getter attitude to want the part as Harley. Aside from Supergirl, she has also starred in her father's works of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, and Holidays. With just six months left of high school, Smith already has her sights set on expanding into the DC universe and in particular showing her darker side on one of CW's shows:

"Honestly, any villain would be fun. I like to play characters that are most opposite from me, I think it's more fun that way and any villain in a movie or on 'The Flash.' Joey King just played Magenta I think, on 'The Flash' — something like that. There's not too many teenage female villains, but any sort of villainous role would be so awesome."

Presumably showcasing her villainous steak would put Smith in perfect placing to slip into Quinn's red and black lycra to be "Daddy's lil Monster." As a fan of comic books from a young age, Kevin Smith penned 2008's Batman: Cacophony, 2010's The Widening Gyre, and a Batman '66 crossover in 2014. It looks like being a bat-fan runs in the family, and seeming to take after her father, Smith isn't just content with starring in a slew of cult films. Harley Quinn seems to be in Harley Quinn's blood and the small part of actually being cast doesn't seem to phase the young actress.

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