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Now is out on DVD in all of its Extended Cut glory, mega-fans can revel in the deleted scenes and cool extra content. Still, one rare feature that's only available on the Suicide Squad movie iOs app download from VUDU is actually really interesting: a close-up breakdown of Harley Quinn's tattoos.

For fans of classic tattoo flash and/or Suicide Squad and the Harley Quinn mythos, this makes for vital viewing. Movie Pilot takes no responsibility for any badass new tattoos resulting from the reading of this article.

Serving Face

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Girl's Got Front

Armed & Dangerous

That classic diamond tessellation is a motif that has showed up in Harley Quinn's imagery throughout many variations of her story.

J for Joker, Duh!

Back It Up

Midriff Messages

Thigh High

The scratchy quality gives Harley's leg tattoos a DIY, prison ink feel — the placement on the leg and the upside-down lettering implies that she actually did do these tatts herself.

Check out this cool video for more of the fascinating Harley Quinn.

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