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Suicide Squad recently released its official Extended Cut and with it came some special features. This means that we were able to see some behind-the-scenes footage of the movie. In fact, we were even lucky enough to actual learn about some new details and Easter Eggs about our favorite characters. In this case, in one of the special features we learn something quite interesting about our beloved Harley Quinn. Let's take a look:

Harley Quinn's Gun

In the video above we get a quick breakdown of the weapons and skills of the members. More importantly, we get a breakdown of Harley's gun, which has gone with very little discussion since the film's release back in August. The video describes the "love" and "hate" on her revolver and how the words alternate around it. That said, the most interesting part about the description of her gun appears below:

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If you look closely at the picture, in bottom right you will notice that Harley's gun appears to have tally marks. The video describes these tally marks as the number of victims Harley has killed, which makes completely logical sense. The only real question left is how is this an Easter Egg? Well, ask and you shall receive!

Harley's Leg Tattoos

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If you look at the tally mark tattoos on Harley's left leg, they appear to be markings for days spent in prison. But what if these tallies are actually keeping track of her total number of victims?

Looking directly at both sets of tallies you will be able to see that the amount of tallies is close to the same number on both her gun and her leg. That said, her leg has more tallies because she has killed more people since she last had her gun. Do remember that we start off Suicide Squad by seeing Harley in Belle Reve and they clearly state that she has put some of the guards down (dead). This means she did not kill them with her gun (she obviously has no access to any of her weapons in prison). This leaves Harley with no choice but to keep tally of her victims on her leg. This makes the somewhat random tally marks on her leg a lot more meaningful. It's a clever addition on to Harley's collection and a sign of her craziness all at the same time.

Final Thoughts

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While this Easter Egg may not largely significant, it's still very cool to see that there is more of these hidden gems in the film. Plus, I think it makes for a good tribute to the character's mindset. Harley is a crafty woman and knows how to secretly go about her business. Not to mention, it adds yet another level of depth to the character.

What do you think? Did you spot this Easter Egg? Let me know in the comments down below!


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