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Last night's mid-season premiere of Supergirl saw Kevin Smith soar back into the Arrowverse with style, helming the episode "Supergirl Lives" and doing what he does best — directing his daughter, Harley Quinn, who guest-starred as the character Izzy Williams.

Obviously this isn't the first time has involved his daughter in his cinematic outings; so far the 17-year-old has appeared in seven of Smith's projects, with another three in the works. Clearly growing up in a household obsessed with film has had a huge effect on Harley's vocation, and who could blame her for taking full advantage of her father's platform — though she has every intention of expanding her horizons in the future.

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Speaking to, Harley discussed the benefits of working with her dad so often:

"Yeah, he's all right. It's really a unique thing to be able to work alongside someone that you love so much, doing something that you love so much as well. It's such a special part of our lives, and it's not something that many fathers and daughters are able to do together. Being able to collaborate together, and sharing what we love so much with each other is really an amazing part of our lives.

We're able to form a friendship outside of our father-daughter relationship, and get to know each other on a completely different level, which I really appreciate."

'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]
'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]

And while Smith has undoubtedly gifted his daughter an incredible head-start in terms of working within her field of passion, Harley reassures that there's no favoritism on set:

"He treats me the same as every single other person on set, which I wouldn't want any differently. Well, actually, just to use this as an example, when we went to go do Supergirl, a lot of people didn't know that we were father and daughter, so I would say dad sometimes and one guy came up to me and was like, 'why did you just call that man dad?' I was like, 'oh well you see, this is the case.'"

As far as she's concerned though, all this is but fantastic training for her future career and flying free from papa's directorial nest. Watch this space!

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